A GLOBAL catastrophe awaits mankind if….

February 14, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Steve Elkins


….these shots go along with the past failures of other medications and vaccines.

The TV lawyers.  Have you been harmed?    60 percent of the world has now received 1 or more Covid shots….. Will we see a gradual decline of health leading to death, or a spike….  EARLY die off?  New autoimmune disorders for young people?  New Cancers?  Cancers in Remission that are now reactivated, and go directly to Stage 4?   Covid Shots have disaster written all over them, BECAUSE they did NOT follow their own SAFETY protocols.  Warp Speed bypassed all the safety rules and regulations that were put in place to protect the consumer.
Bypassing the Rules on Safety
Number 2:  The Animal trials were a complete disaster.  ALL the animals died after being re-exposed to the Sars CoV2 virus.  Their organs/systems were attacked by their own immune systems, (a Foreign invader).  Let me repeat this….. “ALL” THE ANIMALS DIED in the trials.   The pharmaceuticals violated their own safety guidelines/protocols when they pressed on to do the human trials.  The higher ups, (pharmaceuticals), who looked the other way and allowed this trespass on safety protocols, which are to include… the CDCP; the FDA, NIH, (National Institutes of Health), and the WHO, (World Health Organization), “ALL” need to be PROSECUTED for crimes against humanity.
Profit over the safety of the people.
So when I hear that these vaccines, (actually they are NOT vaccines/preventive), and merely shots…. are Completely Safe and Effective, I get infuriated.  This is a CRIME. Outright FRAUD.  Those who take these Covid shots are…. “THE TRIALS”.  Fear of death suspends common sense for most people.  People who lack Common Sense can not be expected to have Critical Thinking skills.  From the beginning I knew this was DANGEROUS…. The FDA going  back to REDEFINE the definition of what is a VACCINE, (their website), should have been a dead giveaway to this scam.  A vaccine PREVENTS, it does NOT decrease the symptoms of a disease.
Number 3:  The pharmaceuticals getting COMPLETE immunity against lawsuits for harm done, should also have sent up a RED FLAG.
Number 4:  The Removal of Effective Early treatments for Covid and their pitch that the only SOLUTION available is,…… (Their Covid shot).  A dead giveaway to FRAUD.
Let’s not forget that President Donald Trump had Covid.  He received several drugs,(Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamine C, and Vitamin D), (these treatments were later removed by the FDA, and those physicians who wrote a script for any of the early treatments would have their medical licenses suspended, or revoked. ???
Punish the physician for using early treatments that have shown success in treating Covid 19.  ????
Are you a little curious/suspicious of why they might do that?
You should be.  They had NO science to back up their removal of these early treatments.
Donald Trump made a  complete recovery in 1 week of taking those early treatments.????  The media ignored this as did the FDA, CDCD, The World Healthy Organization, and the NIH.  So why did they remove those medications that showed success in treating Covid?  Hmmmm….. Could it be…. To have rising cases, and death from Covid 19, and then use that fear of dying to roll out the only solution they ever had planned in the first place????….. The Covid Shot.????
How many examples of FRAUD do you need to see before you wake up and realize that Covid 19 is the GREATEST Hoax ever played out on mankind?  Quote:  Mark Twain…. What luck for the rulers that men do NOT think.  So true.  Think about what I have mentioned here.  An intelligent man would be asking these questions. and not let up without getting a LOGICAL Sensible answer.
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