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Social Studies teacher Angela Bittinger speaks at a Town Hall Meeting (Chautauqua County, NY), September 30, 2021. Pine Valley school plans to hold a disciplinary meeting with Bittinger on Tuesday, October 12 at 9 am. Pine Valley Central School is located at 7755 Rt. 83 South Dayton, N.Y. Ms Bittinger spoke at a Town Hall meeting sponsored by State Senator George Borrello (R, 57th District), at the Kiantone Volunteer Fire Station.

Angela Bittinger was initially investigated under ‘critical race theory’ charges, and acquitted. Now she is being investigated for her vaccine stance, telling her students that decisions about masks and vaccines should be made “with their parents and their doctors, and that their teacher should not be the one telling them what to do.’

Partial Text Of Angela Bittinger’s Six Minute Remarks: “As a history teacher, I’m just going to tell you, there’s a lot bigger thing going on here that a lot of people are not paying attention to. Number one, if you trust your government, your history teacher did not do their job… Kathy Hochul, the way that she talked on Sunday [September 26], did you hear that? “I need you to be my apostles.” [Insert: Gov. Hochul to her audience: “Yes, I know you’re vaccinated. You’re the smart ones, but you know there are people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know this. You know who they are. I need you to be my Apostles.”]

“You don’t talk to people and tell them to be your Apostles. That is Jesus’ job, that is not your job, honey….I’m just going to tell you, the schools are actually the training ground for a lot of the agenda the government is pushing on children, and I’m not going to be a part of it any more. “I’m going to walk away. I’m done being bullied, I’m done being accused of things and I’m done being dragged through the dirt…I’m tired of pushing masks on the kids…we’re lying to parents…you need to look up the Nine Steps to Genocide, because honestly, we’re at about stage four. So my question to you guys [Senator Borrello, Assemblyman Goodell, and County Executive PJ Wendel] how can you protect the teachers when the nurses just got run out of their jobs?…I’ll walk away. I’ll quit my job, but there’s a much bigger picture going on in this State and in this Country, and people need to open their eyes.”

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