A hope for smarter numbskulls

October 19, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike, for RBN


Turn Your Mask Inside-Out; The Life You Save Might Be A Loved One’s


As our society transitions from semblance-of-a-republic to tyranny, many people are being forced to wear a face mask.  Readers of this site know that such mask-wearing can be harmful to health.  For instance, your blood-oxygenation may be diminished while your CO2 levels increase.  Also, exhaled breath expels many things your body is supposed to be rid of, much like exhaust out a tailpipe.  You don’t want to be re-breathing any of it; you all know this.


Even the masked numbskulls walking among us, who “virtuously,” happily choose to wear a mask, probably understand at some basic instinctual level that re-breathing their own exhaust is not a good thing.

Yet they do.


I think because they are operating, with regard to this whole pandemic thing, on an instinctual level, the way good dogs “know” that following their masters’ orders will get them some kind of reward like a snack and the opportunity to go outside and play.  They understand that masters Fauci and Biden and Witchmer and Newsom will pat their heads at the end of the day and promise them a future reward:  “Good sheep, good sheep, keep obeying and you’ll do better in the new normal than will those bad, disobedient, thinking people who will be put in the pen and kept there.”

We can’t tell them anything, fact-deniers that they are, but, by illustration, we may be able to help them become aware of their basic instinctual understanding that’s lurking just outside of their cognition.  Those of us who must wear a mask occasionally can help them take that basic instinctual understanding of mask-danger and bring it straight to the front of their noses and make them conscious of it; take it from ethereal instinct to real fact.


The next time you wear one of those surgical masks, wear it inside out.  Many of the masked numbskulls, virtue-seekers that they are, will deign to speak with you and tell you that your mask is being worn inside-out.  Before they get a chance to say anything more, tell them, “After I wear it for a few hours, I turn it inside-out and wear it for a few more hours.  This way, I can cut my landfill-mask-footprint by 50%.”

That second part will probably get the dumbest ones to turn their own mask inside-out immediately.  Let them do that and be on their way; I’m not an evolutionist, but I won’t keep a prospective Darwin Award winner from making the world, on average, a smarter place.

But the others will tell you that, “by wearing your mask inside out, you are fouling the air with the stuff that was trapped when you exhale.  And then I have to breathe that.”
Then S-L-O-W-L-Y explain to them that, “God meant for us to exhale those harmful things, yes, I agree.”  If they get a look of understanding, tell them, “You don’t need to worry about breathing in what I exhale, because you are already inhaling back from your own mask what you have exhaled.”

Heads might explode.

Je suis Spike


A couple of rather short videos:


Here’s a school nurse standing up for the health of children.  (Most of the real men today seem to be women.  To my shame.)