Aaron Carter Found Dead at Age 34

November 7, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Resist The Mainstream



A singer whose first album — at age nine — sold one million copies was found dead, at 34, in his bathtub Saturday.

Law enforcment responded to a 911 call about a dead body in the tub of a Lancaster, California, home around 11 a.m. Saturday, according to a TMZ report. The report noted that police are investigating the death as a homicide, which is normal procedure when people die unexpectedly.

No cause of death has been released yet, which will probably not happen until an autopsy has been performed by the county coroner.

Carter rocketed to musical fame in the late 1990s as a pop singer when he released four studio albums. His self-titled debut album in 1997, released when he was just nine years old, sold one million copies, according to the TMZ report.

His second album did even better, notching sales of three million copies of “Aaron’s Party.”

After that, he made regular appearances on the children’s channel, Nickelodeon.

Carter also toured occasionally with his older brother, Nick, and his wildly popular boy band, The Backstreet Boys.

As he grew older, Carter shifted genres. He focused mainly on rap music.

The talented artist also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” and acted in the Broadway show “Seussical,” according to the TMZ report.

He and his longtime friend and occasionally his fiancé, Melanie Martin, had their first child in November 2020.

Carter had a well-documented struggle with addictive substances during his short life. The latest saga saw him voluntarily check into a rehab in September to reportedly regain custody of his nine-month-old son, Prince.

The singer previously disclosed he sought help to manage “triggers” that made him want to smoke marijuana. He further admitted taking Xanax as part of a “regimented medication” plan to keep him “clean from huffing dust,” according to a Page Six report.