ACH (1918) Steve Elkins – Meet The NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard) An American Hypocrisy Story

September 23, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source: andrewcarringtonhitchcock

In today’s show originally broadcast on September 23 2022, Andy is joined by Steve Elkins, for a show entitled, “Meet The NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard) An American Hypocrisy Story.”

We discussed: the backlash from the Limousine Liberals after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a busload of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard; the numerous indicators that the Biden Administration is Bolshevik Revolution 2.0; how November’s American Elections could lead to a martial law scenario; why have billions of dollars of orders been recently cancelled by Walmart; the referendums in the Russian held Separatist areas of the Ukraine that are scheduled to take place between September 23rd and September 27th; how the West is likely to regret the way they have treated Russia, and why unfortunately it will be the Western People that suffer, not the Western Elites; why there are probably a minimum of 40 million illegal immigrants in America today; why the Globalist plan could actually be to foment revolutions throughout the Western World; and many other topics.

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