Adjacent paper ballot system would help validate current fraudulent electronic voting machines

September 19, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


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Since the total elimination of Electronic Voting Machines is being met with strong opposition and possibly unlikely, citing costs, current use, revamping a system that has been in use for decades no matter how riddled it is with tampering and hacking, and of course, the corrupted politicians’ deranged opposition to changing a system of voting that only benefits them personally, an adjacent paper ballot voting system could be implemented “alongside” the electronic voting machine system.
The suggestion of an adjacent paper ballot voting system would help verify that the electronic system is accurate and honest. Can you just imagine, if the count of electronic voting machines does not match the count of the paper ballot system, well I guess it is just another verified LIE. My Good Lord in Heaven, that would suggest the Election Voting system is flawed and has been for a long time, without anyone admitting it.
For this November election, it is too late for any major changes to be initiated by the proper appointed authority. The tool of attrition would be employed by the government for any legitimate investigation into voter fraud to be conducted, and any complaint for voter fraud would just die on the vine.
The barriers that I see that would be erected immediately, are from people that refuse to believe, regardless of the evidence, that they have been fooled all these years and tricked into believing, that these current electronic voting machines are totally legitimate and cannot be hacked or manipulated to favor one candidate over another, or over a particular issue. It just isn’t true; all electronic machines can and are being hacked.
My quest is just to have honest elections, not favoring any particular party or candidate or issue. It’s all one could ask for, along with the assurance that my particular individual vote is counted properly and authenticated properly, by a flesh and blood human being instead of a tainted, manipulated, and corrupted electronic machine that has been hacked by political criminals and who knows who else.
A casual observation and research of election fraud throughout American History, reveals this is not an isolated concern or passing fancy, nor a frail attempt at Sensationalism. The “1946 Battle of Athens, Tennessee,” is probably the most blatant example of election fraud and corruption that was committed on a local level in our country, which happened to be rectified by armed American citizens, mostly consisting of returning WW11 veterans; read about it — it is eye-opening, and historic.
The audacity of Nevada career politicians continuing to manipulate our electronic voting machines, steal our money from our treasury (one billion dollars in 2000 and transfer to EICON), obstruct justice, disregard formal complaints on charges of corruption, to disregard the
Will of the People, to repeatedly violate the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights, to allow the infiltration of Anti-Americans and terrorist sympathizers, into our courts, our legislature, and Executive branches of our Local, State, and our Federal Government, is overwhelmingly mind-boggling, very disturbing, and pathetic. And lately, even our American Sports (NFL sitters) are getting in the act.
The career politicians that are trying to destroy our country have set up barriers and safeguards to prevent anyone from legally removing them from office. The only avenue left for the American Citizen to keep our country great is the “Vote.” If our election process is tainted and corrupted, then we are all wasting our time and effort to try and elect a worthy individual that will place the American Public first, for their betterment, their Trust and Loyalty. “Always look for the Motive,” 2016.— Det Gordon Martines, ret.
Now is not a good time for anyone new to the reality of the world, to judge what good worthy government is all about. Experience, history, information, research, and character assessment for our elected representatives is vital, but it will be all for nothing if there is a broken cog in the election machinery that is vividly corrupted.
The choice is simple: get rid of Electronic Voting machines completely and immediately, now and forever, or institute an adjacent and concurrent Paper Ballot (with receipt) system, to augment and immediatelyverify the accuracy of the count of our current voting system.
Interesting quotes; Per Joseph Stalin, 1946 — “It matters not how you vote, it only matters on who counts the votes.”
Per Adolph Hitler, 1940  — “The Bigger the Lie, the more people will believe it.” Per Harry Reid, 2014 — “Bunkerville protesters and American Patriot supporters and Militia, are Domestic Terrorists.”
Per Hillary Clinton, 2016 — “American Citizens are Deplorable.” Help remove this current trash in our government, make sure our elections are honorable, trustworthy, and accurate.
Please remember to Keep your Faith, Keep your Gun, and they can Keep their Change.
In God We Trust
Gordon Martines is a former LVMPD detective who has served in many capacities over his 39-year career in law enforcement. He was a candidate for sheriff in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, with the intention of bringing integrity and accountability back to the department, and filed a federal lawsuit against LVMPD in 2011. Martines has appeared on “Face The Tribune” radio show several times and is currently the host of “Open Mic” on Tuesdays andThursday at 11:00 a.m. He contributes his opinions and ideas to the Las Vegas Tribune to keep the public informed and help improve policing in Las Vegas.  Gordon Martines can be contacted via email at