After 3 Men Pistol Whip Dad, Son Grabs Gun and Opens Fire

April 17, 2019 in News by RBN

A Texas family is lucky to be relatively unharmed after an encounter with three armed thugs resulted in gunfire.
The encounter started as an ambush, KVUE reports. The three suspects hid in bushes outside the house until the father came home. The three came out, pistol whipped the dad, and forced him to open his home.
Inside were his two daughters, who began to hide. Eventually, the two girls managed to activate an alarm as the men raided the house.
But when the son and his mom rolled up, the tables quickly turned.
Sensing something was amiss, the 20-year-old son grabbed his gun and opened fire.
Although two of the men escaped, one ended up with a gunshot wound to his head. He was eventually taken to a hospital, where he later died from the wound.
The father was treated for his injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery.
Without the right to bear arms, this robbery could have easily been beyond disastrous for the family.
Where people are prevented from defending themselves with firearms, we can see the ease with which criminals prey on average citizens.
One horrific example is Savannah Lindquist.
Testifying to Congress, Lindquist revealed how following the strict no-gun policy of her college campus led to her rape. The atrocious act left her “completely shattered.”
The sick irony of the situation is that Lindquist was a legal and trained gun owner. The most devastating thing she did was follow the rules of her college’s gun-free zone, and it changed her life forever.
There’s no telling how things may have turned out for the Texas family had the son not been able to fight back against the home invaders.
It doesn’t take much for a home invasion to end in wholesale slaughter. Jumpy gunmen with bad trigger discipline, robbers worried about being identified later, and drug users committing the crime while high as a kite can all end in bloodshed.
Thankfully, our Constitution includes an amendment specifically designed to level the playing field against bad guys in citizens’ favor. The Second Amendment opens firearms to any law-abiding citizen, and makes the average person the greatest bulwark against tyranny and lawlessness.
The son in that victimized Texas family is lucky to have been able to get his hands on a gun. Without it, he may not have posed a threat to the armed invaders and they could have simply continued with their violent rampage.