Agenda-21 Ordinance to Make People Pay for Their Own Prosecutions Passed in 80 Seconds

December 21, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | Grindall61

Agenda 21 is a blueprint created by the UN to eliminate private property in the name of environmentalism.  Code enforcement is the mechanism of Agenda 21 that is designed to remove people from their property, not by evicting them, which is unconstitutional, but by making it too expensive to stay.  There is a difference between codes and laws, Laws utilize courts of law, a presumption of innocence, and trial by jury where individuals can face their accuser, Code enforcement does not require a court and presumes guilt from the start.  Gary Gileno shows how all this is happening in Riverside County, California.Gileno shows how tyranny is administered by local governments in meetings held in empty chambers in the middle of the day with no one present to object.  He went to a Riverside County Board of Supervisors public hearing and discovered an ordinance that makes homeowners pay all of the county’s expenses incurred for prosecuting you for code violations.  This easily can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Most property owners cannot afford these costs, which is the reason they are doing this.

Property owners had better take an interest in this process and start showing up for city and county meetings and, above all, start running for office in these jurisdictions. -GEG