Anti-Feminist Revolution Brewing in France

February 9, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: The Spearhead

In recent weeks, French parents have been up in arms about plans to teach young children so-called “gender theory,” which holds that the categories of male and female are purely social constructs. Socialist president Hollande denies that schools are going to teach exactly this, but he has implemented an “ABCD of equality” program that is supposed to counter gender stereotypes. The idea is to get the children while they are young so as to wipe out the pay gap and all the other terrible patriarchal injustices that cause most girls to act in an un-lesbian manner.

Closing the gap

The ABCD of Equality’s stated aim is to stamp out sexual stereotyping at an early age, to “correct” disparities between boys and girls when it comes to the choices made later in life – for example, choosing subjects at high school or university.

The government also believes eradicating stereotyping could help close the 25 percent pay gap, which still exists between men and women with similar qualifications.

The program provides detailed advice online for teachers about how they can challenge young children’s views about what is typically seen as “girlish” or “boyish.” In acting out fairy tales, for instance, boys should be encouraged to play the part of Little Red Riding Hood, and girls the part of the wolf. The government also points out that many fairy tale heroines – in stories like Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Cinderella – are passive characters, which could tempt young girls to wait for a Prince Charming rather than pursue a career and skills of their own.

The program has prompted parents to remove their children from school, with some schools reporting that up to a third of their students have vanished from classrooms. Parents, for their part, have taken to the streets in large numbers in Paris to vehemently protest the child-indoctrination program. Government officials have responded by calling the concerned parents hate-filled conspiracy theorists. If you understand French, you can listen to a debate on the issue here.

What’s interesting about what’s happening in France is that the left/immigrant political coalition is split over this effort, with Muslims being some of the biggest opponents of the gender-bending initiative. However, this is not unprecedented. Students of 20th century European history should recall that the very weird Republican government in Spain in the 1930s was toppled with the help of large numbers of North African Muslim troops, who had no qualms about fighting Spanish Communists of that time, and were even willing to serve under a Catholic fascist to do so.

I wonder whether we are seeing the prologue of a revolution in France. Power has a way of inducing those who wield it to keep pushing until they finally cross a line, and in going after the French people’s children, the leftists and their feminist enforcers may have finally taken a step too far.