Are You Aware of Big Pharma’s Impressive Records?

February 2, 2016 in News by RBN

The Event Chronicle | Catherine J. Fromopovich

Everyone probably is familiar with the world population growth clock. Likewise, there’s the time-bomb-like clockwork for the United States national debt. But has anyone ever imagined what a clock would be like that ticks off Big Pharma’s impressive records?

Such a clock would not tick off Big Pharma’s earnings or profits, though. Much to everyone’s probable utter shock, a ‘clock’ has been developed and posted online titled “Pharma Death Clock”, which lists “Total deaths in the United States since January 1, 2000…Big Pharma’s chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all world wars and acts of terrorism combined… While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions.”

How much reality has to sink into human consciousness about the actuality of Big Pharma’s “medico-economics” harms—all done in the name of allopathic medicine championed by its super-duper trade unions like the American Medical Association? And, don’t forget their trade journals, too!

Consider just a few of the stunning (‘collateral damage?’) numbers—only from January 1, 2000, which obviously continue to accumulate on a daily basis:


However, what are not included are all the HRSA vaccine damage claims that have been paid by Vaccine Court Masters to vaccine-damaged vaccinees or their parents in the case of deaths. Let’s include that data set to see how that impacts Big Pharma’s ticking-time bomb, which the U.S. Congress and healthcare consumers ought to be waking up to very soon. How really sick do we have to be made by Big Pharma products?

Are you ready for the data and also the fact that Big Pharma is NOT liable for vaccine damages caused?

This represents cumulative payouts for fiscal years 1989 to 2015 for the following categories:[1]


A grand total of vaccine-damage-related expenses of close to 3.2 BILLION DOLLARS! That kind of ‘hush money’ doesn’t sound like vaccines are very safe, I offer.

So, let’s step back and ask this logical question:

“How much is Big Pharma and its toxic chemical products, aka pharmaceuticals and vaccines, really costing U.S. health consumers in hard earned dollars spent and/or lost because of problems related to pharmaceuticals?”

Any other business would be using its product liability insurance to take care of defective product damage claims. Where was Congress’s mind in 1986? Probably in Big Pharma’s back pocket?

How about a few other questions?

“Why is the ineffective U.S. Congress so lax to exercise its oversight powers over the pharmaceutical industry and the federal agencies Big Pharma seems to be manipulating, especially the FDA?”

“What roles do Big Pharma’s lobbyists’ deep pockets and campaign donations play in Congress looking the other way?”

“Why is Congress not investigating the fraud and misconduct within the FDA?”

See this article that says, “The FDA buries evidence of fraud in medical trials. [….] The silence is unbroken even when the FDA itself seems shocked at the degree of fraud and misconduct.”

“When will U.S. health consumers wake up to the reality of Big Pharma’s control over our health, bodies and lives?” And, take back that control.

“When will we put down our collective foot and demand not being ripped off by pharmaceutical price-gouging, forced mandatory vaccines, and pummeled by ineffective fraudulent consensus-tobacco-science masquerading as the only ‘legitimate’, insurance- reimbursed medical science and treatments?”