At least he got one thing right: Breaking & Blockbuster Report — Obama Threatened to Attack Israel to Defend Iran!

March 3, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Source: Eagle Rising 

It is abhorrent that we continue to dictate to Israel how they should respond to the aggressive Islamic nations that surround (and threaten) them every day. Israel should be unfettered and given the leeway to interact with their neighbors as they see fit. We, in the USA, do not face an existential threat from the Islamic nations (or terrorists) in the Middle East… but Israel does. The fact that our President and our politics could tie the hands of our ally half a world away is deplorable and immoral. We would never allow another nation to dictate to us how to best protect ourselves from an existential threat, and we should not expect anyone, especially not a close ally, allow us to command them.

This situation underscores a bigger problem for us here in the USA, though. It is a stark reminder of just how dangerous and insane President Barack Obama really is. The man is ruled by chaos, and his decision-making ability is topsy-turvy to reality. His grip on reality must be tenuous, and every decision he makes endangers us ever more. God forbid something world changing occurs over the next two years, because with Barack Obama at the helm, it could spell doom for our nation.

This move was akin to threatening Britain while supporting China – it makes no sense strategically, politically or morally. Bobby Jindal is right. President Obama has most assuredly disqualified himself to be Commander-in-Chief. Every action he takes and every decision he makes further imperils our Republic.



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