Biden Declares The COVID Pandemic “Is Over”

September 19, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge


MONDAY, SEP 19, 2022 – 07:32 AM

About a year and a half too late to the game, Joe Biden finally admitted in a Sunday broadcast interview with 60 Minutes that the covid pandemic is over, stating:

“We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lotta work on it. It’s — but the pandemic is over. if you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing. And I think this is a perfect example of it.” 

Apparently, in the ever teetering mind of Joe Biden the prevalence of masks was a measure of the prevalence of covid.  Of course, this all depends on where in the US or the world you have been living.  In red states, masks have been gone for around two years with the majority of people not wearing them. And despite the predictions (and fantasies) of many on the political left, conservatives were not dropping dead in the streets; far from it.

In fact, red states that ended shutdowns and mandates well ahead of blue states enjoyed far superior economic recovery including superior job and business recovery numbers, and virtually no difference in terms of death and infection rates occurred.  In fact, studies now show that there was little to no positive effect made by the covid lockdowns and the usefulness of mask mandates is also in question.

Furthermore, infection and fatality rates for covid began to drop long before the covid mRNA vaccines were introduced widely to the public.  The facts and the science show that covid stopped being a major threat not long after it spread to the US.  The official median IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) according to dozens of peer reviewed studies stands at mere 0.23%.  Meaning, over 99.7% of the population is not under threat from covid.

The lockdowns didn’t work, but they weren’t needed.  The mask mandates didn’t work, but they weren’t needed.  And, the rates started dropping dramatically for the original covid strains before even 5% of the US population was vaccinated.  All in all, every single government policy that interfered in the lives and freedoms of millions of people ended up being pointless.

Biden’s recent declaration means nothing, because he is in no position to determine the current state of the pandemic.  The American people already did that, and we declared the thing over a long time ago.

Immediately after Biden’s remarks, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie insisted that the administration should now relinquish all the emergency powers it has grabbed by hyping the threat of the virus.

“If ‘the pandemic is over’ as Biden says, then all of the President’s emergency powers predicated on a pandemic, all COVID vax mandates, the emergency powers of every governor, Emergency Use Authorizations, and the PREP act should all be voided tomorrow,” said Massie.

What we must never forget, however, is how close we came to full-on medical authoritarianism under the supervision of the Biden Administration and men like Anthony Fauci.  Numerous agenda driven institutions also pushed hard for the erasure of our freedoms, declaring that we would “never go back to normal again” and that personal liberties had to be sacrificed under the new pandemic construct.

If Biden’s vaccine passport executive orders had been enforced instead of blocked, rest assured the US would be like China is today – Still dragging out the lockdowns and pretending covid is an ongoing threat.  Anyone refusing to vaccinate would have been denied employment and participation in the general economy, essentially starved into compliance or compelled to join black market systems and become criminals.  Millions of citizens stood against these orders and won the day, but now we have to reverse course and ensure such an attempt to dismantle our rights never happens again.