Biden Juiced Up, Ready To Go

March 12, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell


March 12, 2024

Maybe he was born with it; maybe it’s amphetamine.  Iconic Maybelline slogan aside, the consensus is that Dark Brandon was doped nicely for his State of the Union address.

We have been seeing signs that old Joe is medically prepped for major public appearances.  His shrill voice and barely suppressed rage is familiar to many of us who have elderly demented friends and relatives.  The man is suffering, no doubt.

The Bidens have staked a claim on public welfare, via graft, vice, and connections, so I don’t worry about his health care now or post-presidency.  He will have the best drugs and round-the-clock nursing care that money can buy if he makes it to retirement.   It’s the public welfare of the nation that I’m more worried about, and I largely agree with Colonel McGregor in his alternative State of the Union address, on behalf of his organization “Our Country, Our Choice.”  I also like the Bobby Kennedy, Jr, take on a State of the Union.The Confederate Provis…Buy New $4.99(as of 06:12 UTC – Details)

McGregor and Kennedy come from different political homes, but they both believe in this country and want to see it rise to its promise, and embody the vision of the founders.  Both speak of traditions of peace, from a foundation of hope for the welfare of this country. Both are mentally sharp and verbally competent – they don’t need the drugs Biden is getting.

Biden’s SOTU was filled with promises of free money – as the Fed prints/creates/lends on the basis of nothing a trillion new dollars every 100 days. Biden pushes more abortions in a country has an abortion rate of 14.4 per thousand women (Hey, Joe, Russia has a 13.1 abortions per 1000 women – we are winning the war for abortion against Putin!).  It makes sense for him to pander to what is left of the Democratic coalition.  It makes sense that he says little about Ukraine – a wholly owned Democrat and neoconservative failure.  Biden and his State Department poked and pushed for coups and a proxy war to weaken Russia. The result is a shattered Ukraine that lost half its population, a quarter of its territory, and most of a generation of young men.  For Russia – Biden’s “target” – we see a rejuvenated defense capability, a stronger economy, and a whole range of powerful new allies.  The losses for Ukraine, and the gains for Russia, are here to stay, and the US taxpayer paid for all of it under the false promises of a Biden administration.

Biden militarily attacked Germany, a NATO ally, with his authorized and boasted of destruction of the Nordstream gas pipelines, in order to increase western European and particularly German political and energy dependence on the US.  How colonialist of them.  Now Germany’s economy and political coalitions are crashing, and what comes after isn’t compatible with the Democratic Party.  Biden wisely didn’t talk about that either.

Biden couldn’t very well explain that he fired Nuland (ok she quit because she was passed over for Asia pivot master Kurt Campbell as Number 2).  Blinken-Biden replaced her with the State Department genius who oversaw Biden’s awkward departure from Afghanistan a few years ago.  It’s easy to see why none of this made it into the SOTU.

Biden did mention the promotion of growing affirmative action for transgenderism – that ought to help us regain global respect!  Clausewitz and Sun Tzu always preached proper pronouns win wars!

There is no doubt Biden has delivered in the past three years, when we look at illegal immigration, inflation, and social division in the country. He promised to deliver even more, as the American population crouches in the corner trying to protect their heads and gonads, hoping to make it through their long beat down by the furious old coot.  Biden has also continued Obama’s policy of arresting and imprisoning journalists, foreign and domestic – it’s so very “democratic” of him.

His innovative SOTU “port to Gaza” announcement may fluff his liberal base, but it speaks to the magical unreal world in which Biden lives. 100% of the genocide in Gaza, the crushing relocation of two million people, the mass murder and racist torture conducted by the angry leadership of the Zionist state  – 100% of this is on Joseph Robinette Biden.  Five months into the slaughter, made possible by billions in US tax money, massive accelerated shipments of US weaponry, and guaranteed UNSC vetoes on behalf of Israel – all of this was insisted upon by Joe Biden.  Now he has a fantasy that the US Navy will quickly build a port to deliver food and medicine for 2 million starving and desperate people crushed in Rafah, under constant fire by soldiers who share their snuff films to open applause.  Biden couldn’t simply drive it in or fly it in – does he believe Israel will shoot down American transport planes and fire on American military trucks – with our own weapons?  If he does actually believe this, and continues to blindly support the Israeli government – he is certifiably insane.  He may be high, ill-informed and soulless, but he isn’t insane.  He’s just lying, the one thing he is very, very good at.Vaughan, David JBest Price: $6.72Buy New $10.65(as of 06:12 UTC – Details)

It’s what he cannot deliver in November that must be addressed.

Like other sick and drug-dependent people, Biden’s health is challenged.  He’s one solid fall away from an Amendment 25 being forced on Harris and the rest of his administration.  Timing is everything, as Kamala the Unpopula’ will not be the nominee coming out of the Democratic Convention in Chicago this August.  There is too much distance to overcome between Trump and Biden, along with the Democratic vote pullers from No Labels, RFK, Jr, and Green Parties – in other word, midnight power outages and bundles of ballot drops, even extensive mailing of ballots to all the new “migrants” and the many “non-government” agencies creating “addresses” for them – all this won’t be enough to close the gap this November.

To win, the Democrats need to get someone who will attract the establishment voter (specifically the Nicki Hailey-Hillary Clinton RINO).  Alternatively, the Democrats could run Biden, while pushing third parties in hopes of dividing the Trump steamroller – but that would boomerang just like their Ukraine strategy, as their base is far more uncommitted than those jumping on the Trump train.

The next administration is going to face the wall they’ve all been kicking the can towards for 50 years – and it’s a big wall.  How do you write down all the debt, malinvestment, and welfare promises  – and start over?  Democrats and neocon RINOs, should they prevail, could go full totalitarian, destroying “democracy” exactly as they say their opponent will.  Given the constant and endemic projection of modern Dems, this Democratic-led dystopia wouldn’t surprise anyone, and many think it is already here.  Trump’s autarkic and protectionist leanings could move us in a similar direction. Can we hope for better?

We could bet on electoral change – a Trump or a Biden/* – and their “leadership” and “management” of the wall-hitting radicalism that finishes off the modern US empire like a burnt, smoking crème brulee. Or, given the actual state of the union, we could bet on the real loci of power on our continent, and put our hopes and investment and affection anywhere decentralization, anti-authoritarianism, self-sufficiency, and independence are valued, demonstrated and lived.  It’s long past time to leave Washington, DC and her hangers-on to their false stimulants and fake rage, and get on with building the future ourselves.