Biden Peddles Build Back Better Plan: ‘We Will Take, Literally, Millions of Automobiles off the Road’

October 22, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

source:  westernjournal

Apparently, President Joe Biden’s so-called brilliant Build Back Better plan involves taking millions of cars off of American roads.The president said as much on Wednesday as he addressed reporters regarding the hotly contested infrastructure bill and Build Back Better agenda.

According to Biden, the plan will spend “sixty-six billion dollars” funding passenger and freight trains.

This, Biden argues, will curb the climate crisis by taking cars off the road.

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Apparently, with this plan, the Biden administration is actually taking cues from the Chinese Communist Party.

“You realize the Chinese are now building another high-speed rail line that will go up to 300 miles per hour? You say, ‘What difference does that make, Biden?’” Biden said according to a White House transcript of his remarks.

“If you can get in a train and go from here to Washington much faster than you can go in an automobile, you take a train. You take the train.”

“We will take literally millions of automobiles off the road — off the road — saving tens of millions of barrels of oil, dealing with cleaning up the air.”

It seems odd that, in its plan to curb climate change, the Biden administration is taking cues from the world’s largest producer of carbon emissions.

Although, it makes sense considering the age-old maxim: When it comes to Communist regimes, the trains always run on time.

So, Biden thinks, why not follow in their footsteps?

Sure, the plan might see some success in urban areas, but for most Americans, travel by train is neither a feasible option nor a desirable one.

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Americans want their freedom.

Biden, on the other hand, wants the exact opposite.

Despite what the left may tell you, the Build Back Better agenda is not about preventing climate change.

It’s about taking away Americans’ personal autonomy by asserting government control.

Biden doesn’t want you to own your own car.

He’d rather make you dependent on government-run transportation services.

That way, you can’t get anywhere without the government’s say so.