BLM Whistleblower Exposes the Clark County Land Grab… It’s Much Bigger than We Thought

April 21, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Freedom Outpost

When the story broke of Harry Reid’s possible involvement to the Bundy Ranch/BLM land grab I was quick to jump on the story. Unfortunately, sometimes we make quick judgments without first checking all pertinent facts. As has since been exposed, the deal involving Harry Reid and ENN fell through at a later date. That agreement was terminated last summer:

A Chinese-backed company is pulling the plug on a multibillion-dollar solar project near Laughlin after it was unable to find customers for the power that would have been generated there, a Clark County spokesman said.

In a letter, an executive from ENN Mojave Energy LLC informed the county that the company was terminating its agreement to purchase 9,000 acres near Laughlin, stating that the “market will not support a project of this scale and nature at this time.”

So where does that leave us?

Does that mean that Harry Reid is not involved?

Does that mean that the BLM is not involved in a land grab that involves ulterior motives?

No on both counts.

Just because the connection that the alternative media thought to be the smoking gun has seemingly vanished, it does not mean that this doesn’t have a lot to do with Harry Reid and big government tyranny.

Cliven Bundy’s daughter, Shiree Bundy Cox, had previously explained that her father is simply the last man standing in an area that used to be dominated by family ranches. Neighboring ranchers were paying the BLM management fees and the BLM was providing no sort of land maintenance or improvement. This is the alleged purpose of those fees. Her claim is that the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) used those fees instead to buy out the other ranchers. Cliven Bundy refused this fate and many years later we have arrived at this point.

We know that the BLM wants this land bad, for whatever reason, and we cannot assume that it has nothing to do with solar power. One deal, with the Chinese, that fell through does not negate the fact that the BLM mentions the impact of Bundy’s cattle in relation to the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone. This is a screen shot from a document that has since been deleted from Look at the last bullet point:

So how do we make sense of all this? We probably won’t for some time. The single Reid land deal that fell through was too easy. It seems to run much deeper than that.

Enter BLM whistleblower Rusty Hill. He exposes the fact that the Reid family has been involved in land deals all over Clark County. He also exposes the fact that there are serious anomalies in the recording of land transactions in Clark County. BLM plots are shrinking while the adjacently, privatized plots of various investors seem to be growing. There is no record of money being exchanged and no record of how this is happening. There is also the matter of the state of the art highway exchange that was put in “the middle of nowhere.”

There has to be a reason for that.

Hill also reveals that the BLM purchased one 10-acre plot of land, in Clark County, for an outrageous sum of $700,000. He claims that this land has no obvious strategic importance.

The Rusty Hill interview is over 30 minutes and it is well worth every second. Hill offers no definitive answers, but he gives several possibilities and tells provocative-minded truth seekers where we need to be looking.

Don’t discount Harry Reid’s involvement in this deal. Just because one solar deal fell through, it doesn’t mean that the scope of things was not much larger to begin with.

Here is the interview: