Boston May Soon Give Non-Citizens Voting Rights – Including Some Illegal Aliens

July 9, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: MRCtv | Brittany M. Hughes

Boston may soon allow non-citizens to vote in their local elections. Because guess who should definitely be in charge of dictating who runs your city? People who aren’t actual members of your country.

Or at least, that’s what the uber-progressive Massachusetts capital thinks.

According to The Hill, Boston’s mulling over a proposal to allow legally present non-citizens, along with some illegal aliens, the right to vote in the city’s local elections. This includes green card holders, legal permanent residents, those under Temporary Protected Status and illegal aliens who’ve been given a short-term pass under Obama’s DACA program.

The Hill notes foreign-born residents make up nearly 30 percent of the city’s population of about 675,000.

The measure was put forward by Boston City Council President Andrea Campbell, who claimed that “All members of a community should have the right to participate and be included in the governance of that community.”

Regardless of whether they officially belong to the community or not.

If this sounds a little on the nutty side to you, be assured that it started out even worse. Apparently, Campbell had originally wanted to expand voting rights to all illegal aliens. The Boston Herald reports:

Campbell initially told the Herald earlier this year she was interested in letting even illegal immigrants vote, but she soon walked that back, saying that after receiving “a lot of feedback,” she adjusted her proposal to include only “immigrants with legal status.”