Breaking: Sen Johnson Reveals January 6th Was A Set Up & He Has The Proof!

June 14, 2021 in News by RBN Staff



Source: The Beltway Report


Do you want to know how I know the January 6th narrative is full of bunk?  The most tyrannical lying lawyers in the country are pushing the narrative.

That is how far south our government has gone … just by the mere fact that Washington is pitching a narrative we can assume it is a lie.

Were there some bad actors who broke glass and did battle with cops at the Capitol?  It sure looks that way and we completely condemn those actions.  However, from the videos I have seen, it appears that Capitol Police were given orders to let protesters in, moving barricades aside for them so they could enter the Capitol.

Now Senator Johnson is telling America what the secret video tapes from the January 6th rally show … nearly 40% of people in the Capitol were WAVED IN BY THE POLICE!

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Senator Ron Johnson joined Mark Levin on Sunday night on Life, Liberty and Levin on FOX News.

Senator Johnson was invited on to discuss the unconstitutional imprisonment of Jan. 6 protesters in Washington DC.

Senator Johnson says one-third of the protesters who entered the US Capitol at the West Terrace doorway were waved in by Capitol Police.

Senator Ron Johnson: We counted up to 309 individuals entering that door. Five police officers met them. There was no violence that we could tell. That is how about 38% of the 800 people entered the Capitol.

On Thursday Ron Johnson sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on the ongoing investigation of the hundreds of Americans rounded up by the FBI and DOJ.

Johnson then went on to attack those who banned hydroxychloroquine and were responsible for killing tens of thousands of Americans.

Ron Johnson is a hero.  Where the hell are the rest of the Republicans?

Via The Storm Has Arrived‘