BUNDY RANCH UPDATE: Will The Feds Turn Bundy Into A Martyr?

May 8, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


For those who may have missed it, the original email I sent on May 04 2017 is below this newest update for May 06 2017. I would like to thank each of you who followed-through by making the phone call a couple of days ago. That helped, but now we’re seeing a need to step up again.

Shari Dovale of Redoubt News sent this article for TMM’s readership.  Shari and her partner Bret are my primary source for updates on our favorite American cowboy families, the Finicums and Bundys. The Finicum and Bundy families are standing up like true Americans against federal insanity and unlawful federal incursion into our States, They are challenging federal over-reach in Washington D.C.’s illegal power grab over public lands within the borders of any State in the compact of our Union. This article is at the Redoubt News website and I’m inviting each reader here to go there and save her link for sharing widely.

But bear in mind on your way over to Shari’s site — Ammon Bundy has been tortured while being held in a corporate-owned prison contracted to the federal government. Shari’s article frames a video of Ammon’s call from solitary confinement. His voice carries the pain he has just been through while being punished in a prison. The absurdity of what has just happened to Ammon is surreal and shocking, but it did happen, and it is real.  The video of his phone call is not going to be pleasant. Yet this is what has just happened to Ammon Bundy. Read Shari’s article and then simply pick up your phone and make some brief but poignant calls. The numbers to call are listed in the article. Bear in mind that this prison, and the employees who did this to Ammon Bundy, are operating in an authority chain which is controlled by the federal Standards for Prisons and Jails.

Let’s all see this as a Psy-Op in which We the People can strike a blow against official corruption. Remember, this prison is a private sector prison contracted to the U.S. federal government. Because the feds hold the superior stance in the contract, the County Sheriff and the State government are hesitant to look into these allegations. But Shari Dovale has made an inroad to the Governor of Nevada, which is huge. We can back her by simply reading her article, grokking the horror as revealed, then making some phone calls like professional American Psy-Op Warriors.


Here is an example of how you helped with round one…

Will The Feds Turn Bundy Into A Martyr?

The government set the stage for this embarrassment, so they must own the results.

by Shari Dovale

Ammon Bundy was tortured in the Pahrump Federal prison this week. He was shackled and placed in a 3 foot by 3 foot shower stall, and left for 13 hours with no food and water. He was told that they originally intended to keep him cuffed and stuffed in that stall for 72 hours, with no food and no water. They then intended to remove him from the stall, take him to medical and insert an I.V. so as to keep him from dying.

(Snip) (Shari speaking.)
This writer received a message from the Nevada Department of Corrections Inspector General’s office. I spoke with a very nice woman named Brooke Keast, who wanted to assure me that their particular department cannot intervene in the Federal facilities.

I was very happy to arrange a phone call with her. She was extremely polite and seemed to genuinely want to help when we talked.

However, during our call, she happened to mention that she was standing next to Mari St. Martin, the Communications Director and Public Information Officer for Governor Brian Sandoval. St. Martin, in turn, happened to be standing next to Governor Sandoval.

(End excerpt from Shari Dovale’s article)

Okay now.  Please join me in calling the numbers listed in Shari’s article. Let’s help these American cowboys. And if, after reading her article, anyone needs reassurance that this has really happened in an American prison, just go here and view Ammon’s wife doing a live-stream. It will break your heart, but it will also show the gravity of this situation —

Elias Alias


Updating my previous email about

Note from Elias —

TMM is not a large group. We are not powerful enough to have much effect on the private prison industry, but we can at least make a phone call to let a prison know that the American people are watching, and that we care about our citizens’ rights while in a private prison.

The treatment our cowboys have received while in prison is reprehensible and inexcusable.   Now there is this breaking-story, a plea for help by Lisa Bundy, Ammon’s wife. Please see Lisa Bundy announce her husband’s latest torment.  Then look below this video for the number to call the corrections center and let them know, politely, that the American people resent this kind of abuse of non-violent protestors.  The prison staff will state that no prisoners are being abused. Keep your cool, be brief, and get your point across, then say good-bye and hang up. We need to send a flood of calls to this prison. See the numbers below the video. Thank you each for helping with this.
Elias Alias

Lisa Bundy ~ Ammon and Ryan are in trouble
                                                    and we need help!!
Video by Lisa Bundy
Ammon’s sister, Bailey received a call back. This is her message….
Kayla Gieni Nevada Detention Center ~ 1-775-751-4500 Extension #7757514540
She is in charge of the situation. Call and leave her a message. (If you are calm and kind she will call you back)

Thank you so much!

Elias Alias, for The Mental Militia