California overturns verdict of illegal immigrant in Kate Steinle’s death

September 20, 2019 in News, Video by RBN Staff

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Might I point out that the population of Mexico in 1950 was 28 million. Today there are 34 million Mexican Americans and 132 million people in Mexico. Solving the over population problems of Latin America, Africa, the Mideast and Asia is way beyond our ability.

The Wall Street Elite deliberately over populated America. Study the writings of Leon Walras and Wassily Leontieff. The latter won a Nobel Prize in economics for his study of the American economy. He studied the inputs and outputs of American industry. Starting with an extractive industry like mining which outputs coal and iron. These outputs become inputs to the making of steel as an output. This steel in turn becomes an input to the making of cars and washing machines. Leontieff determined that American wages were a third higher than Europe because we had abundant natural resources to which we added value through the employment of skilled labor.

The fly in the ointment for the American economy was that when our population went above 150 million and we had to import natural resources for the first time. In 1950, we were supposed to cut wages to pay for imported natural resources. The people who owned the government decided to print money by the trillion to:

1) pay for foreign wars and the occupation of foreign lands

2) to buy things for free from overseas, such as, oil, cars, electronics, food, toys, clothes and even vacations paying for it all with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes.They did this so voters would not know that the Elite had planned to cut the value of their wages, pensions and savings.

3) to hire 31 million federal, state and local government workers to make it appear that Americans had high paying jobs with benefits despite over population.

China is dumping US Treasury bonds all over the world financing ports, railroads, and other projects. One day in the near future people overseas will refuse to sell to us for dollars. They will demand commodities, oil, gold, silver or anything of value. 60% of all US dollars are overseas. Their forced repatriation will double prices over night and permanently cut the value of wages, pensions and savings in half.

3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s. We have added 205 million people to this nation since then. I think the Elite want us to have a circular firing squad killing each other fighting for food. The Uber Rich would be safely tucked away in underground fortresses or so they hope.

Open Borders and sanctuary cities will get Americans killed by the tens of millions as soon as the Dollar Dies and wages and pensions are cut in half permanently through inflation and over population.