Canadian Harper in love with Zionism

November 20, 2013 in News, Zionism by The Manimal

Source: Press TV

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (R) meets with Israel
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (R) meets with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Harper’s office on Parliament Hill. (file photo)

Pro-Israeli lobby in Canada is strengthening its influence on the government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, an analyst says.

“A growing number of informed Canadians have been voicing their concerns about Israeli imperialism and the undue influence of the pro-Israel lobby in Canada,” Brandon Martinez wrote in a column for Press TV.

He said that Harper’s “one-sided support of the Israeli regime” has elicited sharp criticism from Canadians.

Martinez noted that Harper’s support for the Zionist regime has “damaged Canada’s credibility in the eyes of much of the civilized world” and caused “a great deal of resentment especially in Arab/Muslim countries.”

He said Harper has favored “militarism, colonialism and imperialism rather than peace, justice and stability.”

Martinez said Israel and the United States, both among the worst rights abusers in the world, are closest allies of the Canadian prime minister.

“Harper’s immoral and callous support of Israeli imperialism can partly be described as the result of the pro-Israel Zionist lobby,” he wrote.

Martinez said Harper has broadened Canada’s ties with the Zionist regime, mainly through signature of “military and economic agreements with an entity that former US President Jimmy Carter described as ‘apartheid’.”

A recent poll showed that only 11 percent of Canadians find Harper to be credible following a Senate expense scandal.

The survey conducted by Nanos Research and presented showed that a majority 53 percent described Harper as not credible.

Harper is under criticism for its violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in Canada.

Many native Canadians remain among the poorest members of the Canadian society, with most of them suffering poor educational, economic and social conditions.