Cancer Taking Off ‘Like Wildfire’: Unsettling Insights from Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole

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By The Vigilant Fox

“Turbo cancer is something that wasn’t there, and all of a sudden, it’s everywhere. So it goes from being in one spot to [being] everywhere all at once.”

“So many doctors” have approached renowned pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole reporting the same unprecedented findings that he’s seeing. That is, cancers taking off or coming back “like wildfire” or occurring in young cohorts at rates never seen before.

Here’s what those doctors (and others) are observing, per Dr. Ryan Cole:

younger women developing more aggressive cancers.

International COVID Summit, Dr. Cole polled attendees by a raise of hand if they knew someone who was diagnosed with cancer after the COVID shots rolled out. More than half of the guests raised their hands.

Dr. Cole.

“The raw numbers are going up. The percentage numbers look scarier than the raw numbers, but the trend line is consistently going up,” explained Dr. Cole. “And it’s trackable now in the CDC data.”

Dr. Cole referred to a Substack writer and researcher by the pseudonym of The Ethical Skeptic. And he “shows the manipulation by the CDC of their data sets.”

In statistics, “sigma” refers to the standard deviation, which is a measure of the amount of variation or dispersion in a set of values. What The Ethical Skeptic has found are cancer rates that deviate several sigmas (standard deviations) above the mean — signaling a disturbing trend that is highly unlikely to happen organically.

Dr. Cole continued. “So you’re seeing the trend should be this (staying near the baseline with ups and down) historically, and what you’re watching is the trend doing this (gradually trending upwards). And so, if you read some of the breakdowns of his [The Ethical Skeptic’s] data sets in some of the solid tissue tumor cancers, ages 0 to 54. Now, what we’re seeing is a twelve-sigma increase. And so, these are massive amounts compared to statistical analysis year-over-year-over-year.”

6 Of key note in the lower image, is the commensurate rise in Cancer Treatment subsector PPI Expenditures (constant dollars) of 9.9% for this same time period. That chart and its data sources may be observed by clicking here. Image and caption via The Ethical Skeptic.

What’s causing cancer rates to surge?

Dr. Cole believes that vaccine-induced immune system suppression and dysregulation are major factors. Here’s his layman terms explanation from an Epoch Times interview last year:

“The shots, both the pseudouridine, the spike it’s making, the patterns that [are] shifting, are causing those little Marines [of the immune system] and the dendritic cells and the macrophages to go back to the barracks, get drunk, and go to sleep. Now you don’t have a defense system [to fight off cancer].”

The growth patterns and behavior of cancers are also “completely out of character.”

This is a phenomenon that has been popularized by the term “turbo cancer.”

Cancer specialists usually know how cancer is going to behave over a set period of time, but these same specialists are now observing cancer acting in ways they’ve never seen before. “And so,” Dr. Cole explained, “this adjective that’s been tacked onto cancer is describing a phenomenon that’s unusual in the practice of medicine.”

“Again,” he continued, “observationally across countless professionals around the world, saying, wait a minute, I haven’t seen cancer behave this way before. What’s going on? So ‘turbo cancer’ is something that wasn’t there, and all of a sudden, it’s everywhere. So it goes from being in one spot to [being] everywhere all at once. And it happens in a manner that is timeline-accelerated.”

Dr. Cole clarifies that he’s not trying to fearmonger. He’s just trying to sound the alarm on an unsettling trend.

“Do I want to scare people thinking, oh, you got the shot — you’re going to get cancer? No. But it’s more significant statistically than it was before. And it was after the shots rolled out that this started happening for multiple immune reasons and other harm reasons.”

For more insights from Dr. Ryan Cole, the entire Epoch Times interview is available via the link below:

How Humans Were Used as ‘Lab Rats’ in the COVID Pandemic: Dr. Ryan Cole

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