Certifiably Insane: The Washington Post Tries to Cancel Biden Sign Language Interpreter for Translating for Conservative Groups

January 29, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Patriot Outlook

On Thursday night The Washington Post dropped a certifiably insane report on Joe Biden’s most recent sign language interpreter, citing the fact that she has previously “interpreted far-right misinformation.”

The headline alone is insane considering The Post is considered one of our most prestigious news outlets. The entire article is a frightening glimpse into the Orwellian downturn of modern liberal journalism.

Writer Meryl Kornfield audaciously begins the piece by reminding the readers of Biden’s calls for unity and then goes on to explain why unity can only be achieved if the other side of the fence would just stop being so other-sidey.

A gesture meant to bolster President Biden’s call for unity and inclusion instead inspired divisiveness, after news emerged that a White House American Sign Language interpreter was a Trump supporter who previously interpreted videos rife with misinformation.

“Misinformation” is the new “white supremacist.” We will be repeatedly subjected to that word until it loses all meaning and, then it will be molded to mean any information that isn’t in line with what the progressive media complex and Democrats think. That a reporter for The Washington Post would be so bold as to immediately characterize opinion as “misinformation” is extremely disturbing and casts a terrifying pall over the future of political discourse in this country.

Having immediately equated Trump supporters with misinformation, Kornfield reports that the interpreter (who is named in the story but who we will not name here as to not contribute to the tsunami of hate that is surely headed her way right now) had been identified by some in the deaf community and by Time Magazine.

[The interpreter] who appeared in the White House coronavirus briefing on Monday beside press secretary Jen Psaki was identified by deaf and hard-of-hearing advocates and Time Magazine, fueling questions about the White House’s vetting process and what could have happened if [she] misinterpreted Biden officials or inserted her own bias. No one has publicly disputed her interpretation, but many questioned why the White House would legitimize her by giving [her] the national platform.

There is so much creepy insanity in this paragraph. What would possess someone to investigate the prior employment history of a White House sign language interpreter? These people are already vetted to the highest degree before they can be anywhere near a sitting President or his communications. She has reached the top of her field, and you don’t get to the White House unless you are a consummate professional. The question of, “What could have happened if [she] misinterpreted Biden officials or inserted her own bias?” is supremely ignorant of what it takes to reach that level. It is for that very reason that interpreters take their jobs very seriously and even train to eliminate bias from interpretations, as that could lead to disastrous consequences on an international stage. The notion that she is somehow an “illegitimate” person (by virtue of being a Trump supporter, I guess?) who is being unjustly “legitimized” by the White House is chilling. That a reporter for one of the most influential publications in the nation would write that without forethought is doubly so.

Continuing this downward spiral of a “news” offering, Kornfield points to some of the groups the interpreter had signed for as proof that she was a danger to “legitimize.”

[She] appears in Hands of Liberty videos that convey false information and conspiracy theories, including a speech by Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani and other right-wing figures. In one video [she]interprets, an OAN commentator baselessly saying the 2020 presidential election was a “military-grade sting operation.”

This paragraph is so filled with baseless accusations and redirects that if I didn’t know I was reading The Washington Post I’d think I were reading a blog post by an Antifa instigator citing reasons to show up at the next riot. There is almost too much to parse out here.

First, there is false information, and then there are opinions. Kornfield and the rest of the far-left media have committed to not distinguishing between the two. Even as they lament the need for unity they continue to widen the divide with propaganda and insults. Giuliani was the attorney to the President of the United States. He presented a case. He did not win that case. That does not make him a purveyor of misinformation. It makes him a lawyer. And people who theorize about the election results are not necessarily conspiracy theorists. OAN is a mainstream news outlet. Anything that comes out of there is not misinformation; it is simply news or opinion from a right-of-center bias. A person who did nothing but interpret a speech from OAN is most certainly not an illegitimate human being — she is just an interpreter.

Kornfield also cited the interpreter’s previous work for comedian Terrance Williams, whom Kornfield felt moved to note was Black for some strange reason.

In a video posted three days before her White House appearance, [the interpreter] provided interpretations for Black pro-Trump comedian Terrence Williams, who said: “Joe Biden, you will never be my president.”

This is a reporter. This is a mainstream, national reporter equating a comedian who is right-wing and can’t stand Joe Biden with “misinformation” and conspiracy theories.

Are you scared yet? This story made it past every adult at The Washington Post. Think about that for one second.

Kornfield quoted other concerns by deaf advocates.

“My personal thoughts is that [the intepreter] has done harm to many members of the deaf communities via her work in Right Side ASL,” [Professor Jon] Henner wrote. “Being rewarded with national visibility as an interpreter for the White House is not building bridges nor supporting unity.”

Neither Kornfield nor any other of the complainers in this story see the irony of decrying the tough road ahead to unity while at the same time claiming that people who may vote differently or hold differing opinions about our elections should not be allowed to work or earn their way to positions of influence.

It’s a blacklist, and, in a sad devolution from the days when the press was the enemy of such things, now our national press is the very conduit. Here is a woman who has done nothing wrong. Her only sin was working. Even the reporter admits that there is absolutely no evidence that this woman has done anything wrong — anything but her job. Her interpretations to this point seem to be deemed faultless.

This is a hit piece and it’s shameful “journalism.” This lunacy cannot go unanswered. The far-left media complex keeps trying to gaslight us by telling us there’s no such thing as cancel culture, even while they set about literally canceling the careers of anyone who isn’t a progressive voter.

Shame on you, Meryl Kornfield. And shame on every American who thinks it is okay to disqualify a human being from public life simply for their political opinions.