Chattanooga Shootings Show We’re Up to Our Necks in It

July 20, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

“We the People are the true first responders. That’s how we should all be, all the time.


You should all be armed, ready, willing, and able to defend liberty anywhere, anytime, against any threat, because that is what it means to be a free people, and that is what it means to be Americans.”

Source: Oath Keepers
, July 17, 2015

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“And they could have done what if armed? It was a drive-by shooting,” a comment poster at The War on Guns wrote as a response to  the “No Guns” sign on a Chattanooga armed forces recruiting center.

The statement reflected either ignorance or intentional trolling.  Of course no one can predict the outcome of a hypothetical—but that doesn’t mean it’s preferable to remove self-defense choices from potential targets. And Dean Weingarten at Gun Watch makes a compelling case that “there was significant time for the Marines to defend themselves, if they had been allowed defensive weapons.”

The antis have no rebuttal to the fact that men who were trained but intentionally unequipped were slain, and that it took armed men to stop the killer. Besides, such absurd objections are only made to mask the true gun-grabber goal: universal “gun free” zones.

It is curious how there’s no national outrage being ginned up by “progressives,” from Obama on down, over the immigrant killer’s Islamist tie-ins that’s comparable to the all-out ideological “cleansing” they’re trying to impose following the South Carolina church shootings. It’s curious; it’s just not particularly surprising, when you realize another goal is cultural terraforming, by hook or by crook, and if that doesn’t work, by force.

“Disobey posted death zones and understand that jihadi fourth generation warfare means we are all at war — everywhere, all the time,” Mike Vanderboegh cautions readers at Sipsey Street Irregulars. “The Jihadis have determined that they are in a global war with us, all of us — our families, our friends, the innocent, wherever we live and whatever we do. We cannot opt out of it because they will not let us.”

“[Y]our bystanding days are over!” Vanderboegh quotes Gregory Peck’s Captain Mallory character from The Guns of Navarone. “You’re in it now, up to your neck!”

“’Gun-free zones’ are nothing but death zones for the innocent,” Vanderboegh explains. “As an American at war, whether you chose to enlist in that war, you’re in it, up to your neck. You MUST disobey such posted death zone signs just as you wouldn’t enter camp gates unarmed with that other big collectivist lie of history posted on them – ‘Arbeit Macht Frei.’”

As an Oath Keeper at war, you’re in it up to your neck, too. Only you can decide if complying with or enforcing such zones invokes orders you’ll obey.

As a bit of late-breaking unverified information, a poster claiming to be a sergeant with the Chattanooga Police Department left a comment on SSI further claiming one of the Marines was armed in violation of policy “and fired at the cowardly bastard who then retreated behind the facility. There he began firing on the others.” With the understanding that this could just be anonymous disinformation, I will do what I can to reach out and corroborate or debunk this claim.



Here we go again.  Just as with the soldiers at Ft. Hood, these Marines died unarmed, with no chance to return fire against their killer, directly as a result of a perverse, idiotic policy that mandates that even our military warriors must go unarmed under this “Commander in Chief.”   This is the same “Commander in Chief” who required soldiers and Marines to be disarmed even in Iraq or Afghanistan whenever he or one of his minions (such as his Secretary of Defense) came in for a photo-op with the troops.   No troops were allowed in the tent, or anywhere near them, unless first disarmed.    And this is the same “Commander in Chief” who made sure Marines marching in DC had their bolts removed from their M1 Garand rifles (clearly, he doesn’t trust them to be armed around him).

No American, in service or out, should ever be disarmed, and no American should ever go unarmed.   As I said in my message on July 4, 2015:

Anyone who is trained and competent with their weapons should have a rifle and a rifle bag or chest rig with sufficient loaded magazines in their vehicle, at the least, and also a pistol on their person, at all times. But not just this weekend, and not just because of any particular threat – because that is our standing duty, day in, day out, 24/7 and 365 days a year. We the People are the true first responders. That’s how we should all be, all the time.


You should all be armed, ready, willing, and able to defend liberty anywhere, anytime, against any threat, because that is what it means to be a free people, and that is what it means to be Americans.

As Robert A. Heinlein put it so well:

“The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness.”

GO ARMED.  Screw their stupid, unlawful orders, edicts, and pretend legislation.  Go armed, at all times, as free men and women, and be ready to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.    That IS the price of freedom.

I am in Idaho, attending an excellent class on SHTF Intelligence by Sam Culper of Forward Observer Magazine.   On the drive over, here is what was next to me:


That is in the vehicle, and my Glock and spare magazines are on my person, at all times.   Go armed.  Be ready to be the “first responder” anytime, anywhere, and send any attacker straight to hell.

And step up and stand guard at the recruiting offices, if that is what it take to make sure they are not defenseless while they are STILL under threat of being punished under the UCMJ for merely doing what they are trained to do.   That is what our Arkansas Chapter is doing.   The Arkansas Chapter President, Rick Moon (a Special Forces veteran),  launched “Operation Protect the Protectors” at 13:00 hours yesterday afternoon, and our members there are guarding recruiting offices.  I urge all Oath Keepers, in all states, to do the same.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes