October 19, 2014 in News by RBN Staff

Source: Clouded Titles Blog

The opinions of the author are just that … his opinion … if you want a legal interpretation of what you see here … contact an attorney that is well-versed in these matters that can give you legal advice … in the meantime, enjoy the fireworks … I have a feeling there’s more to come!   

It seems as if we keep unraveling more of the big deception that is called MERS …

In Pennsylvania, it would seem that more and more Recorders of Deeds are starting to “get it” … and joining Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker in filing suit against MERS, MERSCORP and the banking interests that enriched themselves utilizing this “beta model” at the apparent expense of the Recorders, based on the ruling by Judge Joyner that MERS and MERSCORP were acting as agents for the principals involved in recorded Mortgages in Pennsylvania … and as agents (nominees) they are as liable as the principals they represent for violation of the Pennsylvania Recording Statutes.

As to whether or not damages arise is anyone’s guess; however, that has yet to be proven.  In this latest round of litigation, the major banking institutions are also being dragged into the mix and being made to fess up to their alleged misdeeds, as principles for this boondoggle we call “securitization”.

You can download the pdf file right here!  Chester County MERS lawsuit

The suit asks for permanent declaratory and injunctive relief to remedy the ongoing alleged violations along with a host of other prayers for relief … unjust enrichment, civil conspiracy and civil aiding and abetting (now there’s something you don’t see every day!).

Obviously, I don’t ever call MERS asking them for their take on this because their continued response is: “We didn’t do anything wrong!”

Well … what’d you expect … reprobates think that way!

My response:  “If MERS hasn’t done anything wrong, then why is everybody suing them?”

Let’s see now … there’s 67 counties in Pennsylvania … Delaware, Montgomery and Chester have filed … HMMM … 64 counties to go!  It’d be interesting if they’d all file at once.  The folks over at 1818 Library Street would have to order several cases of Depends!   (Hell, they can afford it!)  Again, my opinion … 

Visit back soon, when I reveal some of the inside chicanery that’s just been analyzed, about what is really going on behind the scene between MERS and its so-called “members”!   To get up to speed on the whole mess, visit!