Chris Rock Tees Off on White Liberals

August 6, 2022 in News by RBN Staff



[Strong language] America is crazy, man. There’s a civil war going on right now among White people. Yes – and it’s between White people and Liberals. And Liberals have GOT TO GO.

Every time we build a nice society, liberals will go ahead and fuck that shit up. Can’t do SHIT with liberals. 🧵

You can’t have no car around liberals. Well, you can have a car – but you can’t have no gas! Liberals be like, “Lovely car you have there – shame you can’t drive it!”

With these gas prices, you have girls working’ the pole just so they can afford to drive!

So, you’re stripping to put yourself through college?

“No, I’m stripping so I can afford to drive TO college. I’m gonna flunk out if this Ukraine shit doesn’t sort itself out!”

You got girls missing out on GEDS because Zelensky needs more Tomahawks? Get the fuck outta here.

You can’t have no business around liberals. Open a nice business, and within A WEEK liberals have organised “a protest” – & that money you had set aside for “business development”? Now that money is part of a “fixing your windows” fund, a “replacing what got looted” fund.

But people say to me, “Chris, there are black liberals too!” – THERE ARE NO BLACK LIBERALS. You think there are black people refilling their quinoa in Mason Jars at Whole Foods to save the environment? Motherfucker, we might be voting democrat, but we ain’t no fucking liberals.

Or they’ll say, “What about Asian liberals? Or Indian liberals? Motherfucker please. See that woke Indian girl in your polysci class – wearing some bullshit like “Center Black Female Voices” on her T-Shirt? That bitch ain’t no motherfuckin’ liberal.

She may be a liberal while walking around Stanford campus, but by the time she lands in Goa to visit her relatives, she’ll be more right wing than Pinochet with his motherfuckin’ right-leg blown off.

Without missing a beat, she’ll go from complaining about white Americans owning slaves in the 1800s to complaining about how her own family’s slaves in India are too slow bringing the food out the kitchen.

That flight home is one hell of a drug for these bitches.

She steps on the plane “Black Lives Matter”, and steps off it “Brahmin Lives Matter”.

But you know the worst thing about the liberals? The ABSOLUTE worst thing about liberals?

You’ll have liberals who live in California – who’ll watch crime go up, poverty go up, drug use go up. Who’ll watch their schools get transformed into UFC octagons. So you know what they’ll do? They’ll move to nice, safe, conservative areas.

And what is their first thought when they arrive in these nice, conservative areas? “Wow, this place is so backward – we need to get some democrats elected here!”

Motherfuckers, we just got finished clearing the playground of HIV-infected needles – can’t you fuckers just rest for a while? Ain’t you tired from the move? Don’t you have some remodelling to do?

Drink some kombucha, listen to some Kendrick – you know, white liberal shit.

“But there isn’t enough gay pornography in the kids’ section of our local kindergarten library?” That’s why this place is a nice place to live! Can’t we just let those little kids read some Harry Potter in peace?

That shit is pretty gay to begin with, with all them wizard cloaks and awarding points for potions. Do they really need 1,000 RBG colouring books as well?

I’m tired, man. Tired, tired, tired, tired, tired of these liberals, man.