Cindy Niles interview on Fakeologist – SOCIAL ENGINEERING & COMMUNITARIANISM

February 24, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Australian Woman Exposes Communitarianism


Cindy Niles interview on Fakeologist

Ms. Cindy Niles of Victoria, Australia, has emerged as an important new voice in the dissection of our least favorite “c” word – that being communitarianism.
I urge all English-speaking people in the world to give this recent interview of her by a Canadian podcaster a listen. This is especially recommended to all those who have simply not been paying attention, but who are open to honest dialog and learning more about this vitally important topic.
Because it matters should be reason enough.

-Lark In Texas

February 20, 2023



Show Notes:

1) Niles Talks on Rumble

2) Cindy Niles on Facebook (blue dress)
3) Cindy Niles on Facebook (red t-shirt)
8) Grizzly Den – Mark Friesen (Canada First)