CMU: Suspect arrested in campus killing of parents

March 3, 2018 in News by RBN

State Police search teams return wearily after searching

Davis graduated from Central High School in 2016, said Tom Hernandez, a spokesman for Plainfield School District 202. He previously spent three years at the district’s Plainfield South High and played basketball at both schools, Hernandez added.

His Twitter account shows Davis mainly retweeted jokes and memes, and he sporadically tweeted about athletes. But he occasionally shared details about his life.

In December, he mentioned school: “Next semester gonna be eventful,” he tweeted.

His father, James Davis Sr., was a part-time police officer in the Chicago suburb of Bellwood.

His mother, Diva Davis, had recently worked as a flight attendant and was in remission from breast cancer, according to her Facebook page.

By Friday night the CMU campus was deserted. Students had left town for a week-long break. A police helicopter that had hovered over the school grounds most of the day was gone.

In downtown Mount Pleasant, shops and restaurants buzzed with typical Friday night activity but customers were distracted by the troubling news.

Residents said they were unnerved by what had happened at the nearby campus and the fact that the alleged gunman was still on the loose.

“It’s a horrible thing,” resident Patti O’Sullivan said at Taco Bell. “It’s happening too much at schools.”

While the CMU shooting appeared to be an isolated incident, authorities were on high alert following a series of mass shootings across the country, including a recent school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead.

Snyder said state officials were already “actively looking at what we could do on our campuses and our schools to protect people better” and said the CMU shooting reinforced that need.

All planned campus events and activities, including any Saturday classes, are canceled until further notice.

Mark Hicks and Francis X. Donnelly of The Detroit News contributed.

Associated Press contributed.