July 29, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

“[T]here has been much discussion about this case as it is the second time a student at Muskingum University has put their newborn in a trash can after giving birth.”

[Wow, that is horrifying.]

Source: Patriot Update

This is just gut wrenching. A 20 year-old sorority member and college student had a baby at Muskingum University in Ohio. The baby was born alive. She put the infant in a plastic bag, tied it and threw the baby in the trash outside her sorority house. The baby suffocated. She even gave the baby the initials A.G.W. Just how cold and callous can you get? But the university is wondering how this could be happening there. Well, when you steep your students in Progressivism and Marxism, how can you be surprised? You flaunt choice and make it seem as though babies are expendable. I wonder if they give to the butchers of Planned Parenthood? Everything has become an orgy of entitlement and a ‘me first’ mentality. So, you can hardly be surprised when some morally compromised student does the unthinkable. She learned it in school – she learned it via social media – she learned it through the media and entertainment – she may have even learned it at home. To her, the baby was a mistake and an inconvenience that she took care of. Unfortunately for her, she got caught. Unfortunately for that innocent baby, that was her mother.

From the Daily Mail:

The identity of the mother accuse of killing her newborn daughter at a college in Ohio has been revealed.

Emile Weaver allegedly put her baby in a plastic bag shortly after giving birth and then threw her in a trash can outside of her sorority house at Muskingum University in Zanesville.

The baby was still alive at the time, and ultimately suffocated to death.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that campus police questioned Weaver on April 22 just hours after the baby was deposited in the bin outside the Delta Gamma Theta house.

Weaver, 20, was a member of the sorority.

She was indicted last Wednesday on charges of aggravated murder, as well as abuse of a corpse and two counts of tampering with evidence.

Weaver was arrested at her house shortly after and is being held on $1million bail.

She is facing life in prison.

Causing further outrage is the fact that since 2001 Ohio has had a Safe Haven law, meaning that mothers are protected from prosecution if they leave their baby at a fire station or with a police officer or hospital worker within 30 days of the child’s birth as long as the baby exhibits no signs of abuse.

Furthermore, mothers can drop off their baby anonymously.

‘It’s extremely hurtful,’ said Dave Boyer, director of Muskingum County Children Services.

‘What a hurtful tragedy to think that a newborn could be given a chance at a healthy, stable life by doing nothing more than saying, ‘I can’t do this. Can you take her?’ It’s breathtakingly tragic.’

Boyer also said there has been much discussion about this case as it is the second time a student at Muskingum University has put their newborn in a trash can after giving birth.

Jennifer Bryant was charged in 2002 with child endangerment, involuntary manslaughter and abuse of a corpse after she wrapped her newborn son in a blanket and placed him in a receptacle on campus.

Bryant pleaded guilty and was given a three year sentence, serving just six months.

She claimed that she thought the child had been stillborn.

‘There has been a lot of discussion within our community as to why this situation happened twice at the same institute of higher learning,’ said Boyer.

‘What are we doing wrong, and what do we need to do differently because it is intolerable to think that babies need to lose their lives. We have to respond boldly and demonstrably. And we will.’

Muskingum County Prosecutor Mike Haddox said on Wednesday that the father of the child had also been identified, though it is not known if he was aware of the pregnancy.

Haddox also said that other members of the sorority were in the house when Weaver gave birth, but would not comment if any helped with the delivery or were even aware of what was happening.

It is known however that someone gave the child a name, and officials have released the baby’s initials – A.G.W.

Emile could have dropped that baby off anonymously. All it would have cost her was a discreet trip. But instead, she chose infanticide. Probably because she was embarrassed. Now, she’s facing life in prison where she belongs. Actually, she deserves the death penalty, but that won’t happen. If these schools want to stop some of this, they might teach morals and maybe allow freedom of religion on campus more. It’s a novel idea, but they could teach Constitutional rights and the Ten Commandments. How about stressing personal responsibility and ethics? But to do that, they’d have to fire most of their teaching staff. I have long said that our modern day universities are cesspools. We are turning our children into soulless monsters. We have done that by trusting them to the tender mercies of Marxists and by not taking responsibility for their character. This girl is an example of what the schools are producing. This is also an example of the downfall of America.

Emile Weaver