Colonel MacGregor Says That When It is Obvious That the Media was Lying About the Ukraine, US Might Freak Out

April 23, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, named new Ambassador to Germany.





In Colonel Douglas MacGregor’s latest interview, he debunked the moronic claims that Russia is “committing a genocide” or “doing war crimes,” and also the stupid claim that Russia is planning to nuke the Ukraine.

He then explained, as we’ve explained in detail, that we are at the final phase of this conflict, with between 40 and 60 thousand troops left in the Ukrainian military, who are getting cut off by the Russians. They will either get slaughtered or surrender.

He said that when it becomes undeniable that all of these retarded claims made by the US government and media with regards to how Russia was losing the war have been proved to be retarded, that the US government/media may start saying “we have to do something!” in order to cover up just how badly they lied about all of this.

“The worries me,” MacGregor said.

We are already hearing increasing talk of “boots on the ground” in the Ukraine from the people in Washington.

Of course, if they were only dealing with the Americans, the government and media could just drop the Ukraine topic entirely, and move back to coronavirus, or some other gigantic hoax. They’ve already demonstrated that they can do this with ease – just totally switch the entire public conversation in the course of a few hours, and get the population to go along with it.

But it’s not just the Americans – America has told the entire world that the Ukraine was going to win a war with Russia. This is going to look even dumber than when they said that the Kabul government would stand for at least six months. These people are so mired in their own lies that they need to compile lies on top of lies in order to justify previous lies.

However, it is clear that the Pentagon is telling everyone in Washington that a war with Russia is not feasible. However, they also told them that they could turn the Ukraine into a boondoggle for Russia, and cause the Russian government to collapse because of it. These people are not known for accurate statements.

So maybe the politicians will say “the Pentagon has been wrong about everything – maybe they’re also wrong that we can’t win a ground war against Russia in the Ukraine?”

Only 10% of Russia’s military is in the Ukraine, and it’s likely that they held back because they thought it possible that the US/NATO could invade. At that point, they could flood the country with forces. Then, you’d basically have a nuclear war.