January 13, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Investment Watch Blog

A Huge conspiracy has been perpetrated on the American people, nay, on the world. Economy now worse than great depression which brought WW2 on the scene. Is this all leading to WW3? In 1929 the unemployment rate in America was 25 %, it is now over 30 %, especially if you consider we are not even counting 15 million Mexican Americans, That would make the figures possibly 40 %. Those now living in Poverty in America are now over this percent as it would be insane to assume those with work were not living in poverty. Those with work are 30 to 40 % then the one working but in poverty would be much higher. The number of people making over 250,000 dollars now is only 2 % of the population, there are no rich anymore, only those very small of the elite who control us all!!!!!! They are the few at the top, less than 1 percent, maybe 300 families.