CRITICAL ISSUES FORUM Feb 2016 — US Immigration Solutions Protocols

April 20, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Dr Bill Deagle MD A4M AAEM ACAM

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Critical Issues Forum

USA Immigration Solutions Protocols:


USA immigration is complex and slow.  The system is broken and we must not allow by-passers to receive preferential treatment over long-term applicants going by regular application process channels.

A need assessment submitted by states and industry for particular kinds of workers is the first priority and most rapid process for certification can be undertaken.  Yearly quotas would ensure industry would have a stable international supply of skilled workers for expanding American business within the USA and territories.

Next, anchor children born to illegals must be made part of the American work force, with pathways over a decade to become citizens with many benchmarks of education and behavior.  Their relative would need to qualify over a decade by documented work history, skills, and behavior benchmarks to qualify in a decade as USA citizens.  Any applicant guilty of a serious or violent felony during this period would be disqualified and deported to the country of origin of the parents or relative applicants.  This would include USA military services applicants from outside the USA, who had served one or more military terms in the USA as grounds for citizenship, at any time after citizenship had been granted.  Example: Guatemalan male two USA tours, loses citizenship due to drug distribution felony or violent robbery.

Lastly, humanitarian admission from the Mid-East and North Africa, should allow Christian and non-Muslim immigration with a lower bar of qualifications than Muslim applicants.  This is discriminatory as a percent of Muslims cause most new of first generation born in the USA terrorism.   Mosques with Imam’s monitored teaching demonstrating radical Islam and Sharia promotion should be shut down and de-radicalized.  This will allow gradual integration into great USA society, without promotion of Sharia general politics and personal controls and centers for violent jihad against USA citizens and governments.

Only those with the highest documentation, e.g. engineers, PhDs, doctor, dentists etc. with Western type training and exemplary documents should receive rapid citizenship pathways over 10 years.  All other Muslims with poor or no documentation and valid, non-stolen passports should not be admitted but granted help to immigrate to Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and other stable non-violent allied Muslim countries, not on the terror watch list.

Aid via NATO and International Aid Agencies includes prefab homes, schools, public buildings, infrastructure development, transportation and industry. This does not support Radical Islamification and all aid would be to  prevent radicalization to extreme Islamic behavior. The integration into communities and promotion of family life for males would integrate them in communities with group activities. Such programs that do not attempt integration into Europe, or Western Nations would go a long way to  prevent terror to Western nations and other religious and political groups.