February 1, 2024 in News by RBN Staff





Trump is in on the extermination plans of tens of millions of Americans. In fact, he is the main character is in this movie they are putting on.

In David Goldberg’s final video before his death, he reveals two classified projects underway – Project Pogo & Project Zyphr – to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021 that will result in the “extermination” of tens of millions of Americans.

Project Pogo – about the Youtube gatekeepers to put out truthful information so they can track the likes.

Project Zyphr — the second stage and this is the extermination stage. Charge them with crimes and they want to do it without too many people noticing what is going on. In the beginning it was they were going to infect people with the flu virus. But then they determined the amount of people they need to exterminate is way more that they expected, in the millions. So now they are planning on Power Outages and planning on Purging Americans with Military Vehicles and they will do this under a Black Out under the cover of nights. They plan on false flag on the electric grid and blame it on something else when this is part of Project Zyphr.

Since Dave died in 2019, it sounds like they went with Plan #1 on the Covid Plandemic. They will likely also do the plan #2 of blackouts.

A lot of these truther Youtube Channels are for tracking who is following.

According to Dave Goldberg — Trump was introduced to all of this in 2014 and according to memos he has seen, Trump LOVED the plan.

Somehow David says that Trump must declare himself King of Israel and they don’t know how yet — as of 2019. He is part of the process called the End Game.

All the perceived chaos has been planned. Donald Trump’s allegiance is to Israel.

Trump is not only a Jew, but a Freemason and they have promised him and his sons and daughter very high rankings in the new world government that they are building and the capital will be Jerusalem.

EVERYTHING he has done was a SCRIPTED plan from 2014, the Wall, everything. They introduced this all to him and he loved it. They told him the plan that he was going to become President and he loved it. Trump according to David was already a bit of a racist, he immediately jumped on board and he was promised great things for himself and his family.

He has leeway to say many things he wants and he has a lot of fun doing this but he does have script writers. One being Stephen Miller who wrote a lot of Trump’s Tweets on Twitter. David says if you want to go down a Rabbit Hole, research this guy. He is a dedicated Zionist and has a lot to do with all of this.

David Golberg says for Project Zyphr that the high value target will be picked up via military vehicles and the low value target will be taken out with Viruses.

David said that this would probably happen in the winter of 2020 and 2021 — this came TRUE.

He said in 2019 that they want to do a flu outbreak as they have to eliminate a lot of…..