November 28, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

Go make chaos; noisily causing confusion among people, and remember, no justice, no peace.
As far as possible without discrediting the cause, treat everybody professing communism as a friend.
Speak our truth, shouting down others if necessary, listen not to those who disagree;
call them dull and ignorant, marginalize and discredit them.
We have no equals.
 Avoid the truly contented, for they know God and the truth is their covering; they cannot be turned, but must be made impotent among the people.
Denigrate the achievements of others as unfairly gained through a dishonest system and claim that those achievements are a sign of a weak mind and empty heart.
Build up our kind by knocking down their kind.
Use any manner of deceit and trickery which will move the cause forward, even at your personal expense; no individual is important, the cause is everything.
If necessary use even the truth, for many who disagree with us blindly follow what they have learned and it appears as true to them.
Some practice high ideals, they are to be destroyed.
In personal affairs, use relationships to advance the cause, exploit, in any manner useful, your parents, spouses, children, neighbors and co-workers.
Be whatever and whomever you need to be to advance the cause.
Feign friendship, affection or expertise if necessary to advance the cause.
Know that our struggle to dominate will not be won today, it is generational and, as you be a dupe you may not know it, we draw on thousands of years of knowledge and experience regarding human behavior; to our advantage we use the imperfect human heart which seeks self, not truth, unless regenerated.
If you find yourself discouraged, take comfort in the words of our progenitor:
We shall be as Gods;
The government shall be on our shoulders;
We shall be the most high.
 No others have a right to liberty at the expense of our license.
Though it does not always appear so, in time, victory will be ours and we cannot be stopped by the labors or aspirations of our natural enemies.
Our enemies- those truly contented that their understanding of the future, being that they are on the winning side through Jesus- have a false peace and they err in their misplaced faith and thinking that they see glory beyond glory.
They war against us and it is ours to prevent their victory in The Word.
Strive to destroy those who do not serve us.
Without them we will bring a new order- our order, which is an old order- from our chaos.
For out of chaos, with blessings from our leader, His order.
With appreciation for the work Desiderata © Max Erhmann