EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell New Whistleblower Document Reveals Multi-Agency Criminal Conspiracy To Spy On And Entrap Law Abiding Americans

July 14, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


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Finally, There’s Proof.

(Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) — Bombshell new documents have recently come to light revealing how the U.S. Government illegally spied on and entrapped citizens during the 2014 “Bundy Ranch Standoff,” and beyond.

The document, which was authored by Larry Wooten, a former Special Agent with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), reveals the terrifying extent to which the Federal Government is willing to go to ensnare patriotic Americans who stand up to government overreach.

Wooten first made waves in 2017, after sending an 18 page whistleblower document (available in full here) to Washington State Representative Matt Shea chroniclinga widespread pattern of bad judgment, lack of discipline, incredible bias, unprofessionalism and misconduct, as well as likely policy, ethical, and legal violations among senior and supervisory staff at the BLM’s Office of Law Enforcement and Security.”

This document directly led to dismissal of the case against Cliven & Ammon Bundy and several people involved with the 2014 “Standoff” because BLM and FBI agents “shredded documents at dispatch,” withheld “texts and emails that make officers look unprofessional,” and omitted evidence during the trial that proved the innocence of the Bundy family and their supporters.

At the time of the document’s release The Oregonian reported that:

“Wooten accused Dan Love, the former special agent-in-charge of the cattle roundup for the Bureau of Land Management, of intentionally ignoring direction from the U.S. Attorney’s Office and his superiors ‘in order to command the most intrusive, oppressive, large scale and militaristic trespass cattle impound possible.’

“Wooten said he learned from other agency supervisors that Love had a ‘Kill Book’ as a ‘trophy,’ in which he essentially bragged about ‘getting three individuals in Utah to commit suicide,’ following a joint FBI-BLM investigation…”

Not mentioned in press reports at the time was how BLM Special Agent Love referred to the Bundy’s as “retards,” “red-necks,” “douche bags,” “tractor-face,” “idiots,” “in-bred,” and that he:

“sent photographs of his own feces and his girl-friend’s vagina to coworkers and subordinates. It was also reported by another BLM SAC that former BLM SAC Dan Love told him that there is no way he gets more pu$$y [sic] than him.” (p. 64)

Now, thanks to a recently released FOIA request originally made by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch Inc., 252 new pages of Wooten’s whistleblower evidence and testimony are now public, and the contents of this document are damning.

The Document, which is being called Wooten-II expands on allegations made in his 18 page memo, and details the tactics used not only against Bundy Ranch protestors, but also outlines the ongoing warrantless “military style” surveillance operations and “social media misinformation campaigns” being conducted by the Federal Government against U.S. Citizens.

These never before publicized surveillance operations are detailed on page 120 of the new Wooten document.

BLM’s Misinformation Campaign

Former Special Agent Wooten details the events leading up to the April 14th “vast aggressive militaristic trespass cattle impound operation led by former BLM [Special Agent Dan Love].”

Wooten goes on to discuss ”an extensive social media BLM misinformation campaign directed by [Redacted] that seemed to have the effect of aggravating the public sentiment.” Wooten says:

This misinformation campaign was similar to a military operation and intelligence gathering operation and was in regard to constitutionally protected 1st Amendment activities and akin to the ‘intelligence preparation of the battlefield.’ The FBI couldn’t specifically participate in intelligence gathering activities, but I remember after the 2014 Trespass Cattle Impound, but before the arrest operation, this intelligence gathering, generally over social media using undercover accounts and open monitoring was directed by [Special Agent Dan Love] and conducted by a newly formed BLM unit called the “Threat Mitigation Unit” (TMU) commanded also again by former BLM [Special Agent Dan Love]. This activity, which was evidently prohibited by FBI policy, was allowed and conducted in the absence of a specific BLM policy, in essence by using a directed loophole to conduct the electronic surveillance and monitoring.” (p. 120)

The Idaho Tribune has obtained corroborating documents and photographs from independent journalist and podcaster Pete Santilli that mention not only these “misinformation campaigns,” but also the kidnap and killing of Cliven Bundy’s cattle.

One of these “misinformation campaigns” was specifically targeted at Cliven Bundy’s daughter Bailey, in an effort to egg the Bundy family on to a direct confrontation with Federal Agents.

Bailey Bundy Logue (left) Margaret Houston (right) | Michael Quine / Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Idaho Tribune was provided with a series of text messages by Santilli that were sent to Bailey between March and April 2014 by a Federal Agent named Alex Branson under the pseudonym “Robyn Kirkum.”

The text messages say:

“My friends said they saw some of you guys out there at the ‘command Post’ or whatever the Feds call their camp site. I hope you guys were giving them some hell. This is crazy. You’d think they were taking down some heavily armed cult that was enslaving children and making drugs.”

Another message attempted to get Bailey to begin posting photos of an armored vehicle to rile up protestors:

“Not sure if this sounds crazy, but my Vegas friend said the FBI has a large armored vehicle (he used some acronym I can’t remember) and that it is stationed at some site in the closed area. Be great to get a photo of that for the news and the people to see.”

The compound referenced in the message is referring to the $6 Million military-style command center that was set up to train BLM and FBI agents for the planned confrontation with the ranchers.

This is Nevada, not Iraq.

BLM Establishes “Threat Mitigation Unit”

In the wake of the Bundy Ranch Standoff, instead of getting demoted for going against the inter-agency threat assessment that clearly showed the Bundy family was not a threat, the special Agent in Charge Dan Love got a promotion.

The Idaho Tribune has procured that threat assessment, and can be viewed here.

Wooten reveals in his document on page Page 203 that:

“In June of 2016, the BLM stood up the Threat Mitigation Unit (TMU) in response to a rise in threats against public land employees and their resources. The TMU’s mission was to provide strategic and operational support to the BLM, to include threat analysis and mitigation strategies for the security and safety of BLM personnel, facilities, resources, visitors, and partners.”

Guess who was tapped to lead this “Threat Mitigation Unit?”

The Las Vegas Review Journal ran an article spilling the beans titled BLM agent in charge during 2014 Bundy standoff gets new security job with agency.

The article states:

“The losing general at the ‘Battle of Bunkerville’ has been tapped to oversee security for U.S. Bureau of Land Management facilities nationwide.
As special agent in charge of Nevada and Utah, Dan Love made decisions about law enforcement tactics and security during the BLM’s 2014 standoff with rogue rancher Cliven Bundy in northeastern Clark County.
Now Love will serve as the bureau’s special agent in charge of security and intelligence, a new post created in the wake of recent threats to federal employees and growing conflicts over public land.”

Wooten says in his document that he is concerned about “BLM ‘mission creep’ and the associated perception of the TMU (especially managed by this particular BLM SAC) to the public in reference to intelligence gathering on Constitutionally protected activities.” He continues saying:

These intelligence type gathering activities were evidently controversial enough to be prohibited by other agencies to include the FBI and the BLM was operating outside of any approved policy on these activities.”

As it turns out, Wooten was right. Not long after the formation of this Threat Mitigation Unit, the Bureau of Land Management in Idaho began “monitoring jail calls between defendants and their wives […] without prosecutor or FBI consent for the apparent purpose of making fun of post arrest telephone calls between Idaho defendants/FBI targets.”

Wooten’s document continues talking about how a “BLM ASAC described to me what amounted to a parabolic microphone covert/spy listening device and a bionic ear booster and amplifier.”

“The BLM ASAC indicated this old directional eavesdropping microphone and headset allowed for covert monitoring of individuals for compliance and law enforcement purposes in the field and around campsites and was purchased and used a good while ago by someone who had retired. I told the BLM ASAC that this activity would require a [warrant] since it is basically a search similar to a Title-III Wiretap since none of the parties in the conversation would have given consent, it seemed to me that the BLM ASAC didn’t understand this. It also seemed to me that although he has no doubt been trained and as a knowledge factor of his position, he should understand search, seizure and protected communications.”

Dan Love “Goes Native” At Burning Man

By 2015, complaints about the conduct of Sepcial Agent Dan Love reached a fever pitch within the Bureau of Land Management. Love’s questionable tactics both at the Bundy Ranch Standoff, and during earlier operations such as “Operation Cerberus Action” a “Utah Sting” operation that led to the suicide of a doctor named Jim Redd, began to raise eyebrows with many of his coworkers at BLM, so much so that numerous investigations into his conduct had been started at the Office of the Inspector General. Wooten’s document says that Love was:

“Directing Subordinates to Erase Official Government Files in order to impede the efforts of rival civilian BLM employees in preparation for the ‘Burning Man’ Special Event, unlawfully removing evidence, bragging about the number of OIG and internal investigations on him and indicating that he is untouchable…”

Yes, you read that right – Burning Man, a bizarre drug fueled festival that is held out in the Nevada Desert.

Idaho Tribune has located never before publicized footage and photos of Special Agent Love at the festival in 2013:

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According to a Tumbler account operated by the Bureau of Land Management, “Burning Man typically evokes thoughts of crazy outfits, magnificent structures, unbridled creativity, and, well, unusualness.” The tumbler post goes on saying:

“At the 2013 Burning Man Festival, which just concluded in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, BLM Law Enforcement and burners alike gathered to celebrate the life of BLM Special Agent Michael Bolinger, who passed away in June 2013 after a battle with brain cancer. The tribute was solemn, unusual, and ended in flames, but in typical Burning Man fashion, was an event rooted in humanity. […]

“Special Agent in Charge Dan Love noted that the event was a fitting tribute to Bolinger. ‘Burning Man was one of Bolinger’s last assignments before he got sick, so the service at the Temple seemed natural. The outpouring of support from the entire community was amazing, and having Kelly there made it even more special.’”

Photo by Mark Turney, public affairs specialist, BLM-Nevada Winnemucca District

On Page 216 of Wooten’s whistleblower document, several disturbing allegations are made, saying that Dan Love:

“committed fraud, waste and abuse and that he allegedly received kickbacks from the Burning Man organization, made unauthorized and wasteful expenditures, traveled unnecessarily and falsified his time and attendance. The complaint also alleged that the BLM SAC sought to abuse employees that do not agree with his actions. This case was assigned to the BLM OLES Director and determined to be unsubstantiated.” (p. 216)

Love had been protected for years by people high up in the Bureau of Land Management, and Wooten’s document said that Love had been “bragging about the number of internal and Office of Inspector General (OIG) inspections that he has on him,” and that Love was “untouchable and has no oversight.” (p. 215)

Love’s questionable conduct at Burning man included “ordering his subordinates to erase and otherwise destroy the records relating to the Burning Man Event in violation of Federal Records Laws in an effort to impede and obstruct the BLM Nevada State Office from being successful at managing the event once the BLM SAC was no longer in charge of it.” (p. 215)

This episode at Burning Man led to Love’s termination from the Bureau of Land Management.

It also seems as though this could have been the reason for an investigation into the Director of BLM’s Office of Law Enforcement and Security, William Woody, who found that allegations against Love were “unsubstantiated.” Woody, however was removed from his post in 2018 following his own ethics violation.

Woody was let go by the Bureau in 2018 after the Office of the Inspector General, concluded Woody was “using a government-owned vehicle without proper authorization.”

This, however seems to be a limited hangout, and a “polite” way to remove Woody from office, without getting too much egg on the bureau’s face. Wooten’s document says that Woody “favored” former Special Agent Love, and when Wooten tried to lodge complaints about the conduct of Special Agent Love, he was:

“informed by the BLM Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) Chief that any issues that had anything to do with a particular favored BLM SAC [Love], the BLM OLES Director [Woody] looked at himself instead of OPR. The OPR Chief told me he was shut out of those types of inquiries. […] I also noted that these types of issues I discovered apparently weren’t properly investigated as required. The bad joke I heard around the office was that the BLM SAC knew where the BLM OLES Director had buried the prostitutes body and that is why the BLM OLES Director protects him.” (p. 74)

Elsewhere, Wooten’s document reveals that Love had:

“violated ethics rules in reference to the Nevada Burning Man Event in 2015 and a hiring process for a friend. The investigation also noted that it was reported that the ELM SAC stated that “he owned” the ELM OLES Director and as a result no action could be taken against him. The investigation further stated that it was reported the ELM SAC said that ‘You know, if you don’t side with me, grenades are going to go off and you’ll get hit’ and the ELM SAC bragged about ruining the reputation of a subordinate and indicated to another subordinate that the ELM SAC would ruin the career of that subordinate if she did anything against him.” (p. 173)

The Bundy Standoff Operation and Trial Was Based On Lies

Wooten’s new 252 page document reveals in no uncertain terms that the entire trial against the Bundy family and their supporters in Nevada was based on lies, saying the government “relied on factually incorrect talking points and on (or about) February 15, 2017, misrepresented the case facts about government snipers during trial.” One of those key points being the fact that the FBI and BLM did in fact have snipers training their weapons on civilians at the standoff, saying:

“The investigation indicated that there was at least one school trained Federal Sniper equipped with a scoped/magnified optic bolt action precision rifle, another Federal Officer equipped with a scoped/magnified optic large frame (308 caliber) AR style rifle, and many officers that utilized magnified optics with long range graduated reticles (out to 1,000 meters-approximately 500 meters on issued rifles depending on environmental conditions) on standard law enforcement issued AR (223 caliber/5.56mm) and that often officers were in ‘over watch’ positions. Additionally, the investigation also indicated the possibility that the FBI and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had law enforcement snipers/designated marksmen on hand for possible deployment.” (p. 93)

The document reveals that multiple agencies recommended against getting involved with any kind of confrontation with the Bundy family, instead opting for a “soft impound” of Bundy’s cattle, but that BLM OLES Director Woody stated “by not taking strong and affirmative action we will just embolden those who are opposed to our actions and things will likely escalate.” (p. 174)

Agent Love, following the lead from Director Woody said in a March 24th email that “although a passive approach may have the desired effect, it may also be considered a sign of weakness or ordered constraint which may embolden one or more members of those we are confronting.”

“That’s not the kind of message we want to send.” (p. 175)

Ultimately, Wooten’s document paints a picture of a multi-agency criminal conspiracy to spy on law abiding Americans, commit crimes and fraud on the courts, and now, its publication opens the Federal Government up to new litigation from every single person who was wrongfully imprisoned at the Bundy Ranch Standoff.

When new information surrounding a case comes to light, it restarts the clock on the statute of limitations.

The Idaho Tribune is still processing all of the information in this new document, and more reports on the contents of this document will be released in the coming days.

In the meantime, you can read the entire document below, and you can support our work by subscribing or donating to our outlet.