EYES WIDE OPEN by Fiona Barnett

March 2, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



Source: Fiona Barnett Blog

CIA Child Trafficking | MK-ULTRA in Australia | Ritual Abuse & Mind Control | Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation | Trauma-Focussed Integration


PDF: 2nd-ed.-eyes-wide-open-book-7th-october-2019


In this second version, I have added the material I intended to include in my initial upload, notably an explanation of the relevance of isotopes and why MK-ULTRA / DELTA and the CSIRO were located at Lucas Heights nuclear reactor. I found some damning articles re Savile that my search engine filtered out during my first draft. Plus other material. I edited a few things I couldn’t reference anymore, since the net removed 4Chan etc. And I correct some spelling/ grammatical errors (thanks to two people who checked the entire book).

I have had numerous requests for hard copies. A hard copy is being worked towards overseas. This electronic copy is the only format currently available.

People have paid to have copies bound and printed off at copy shops in Australia ($50 per copy at Officeworks), USA (FedEx), and even Bali ($10!)

Again, please share this book in its entirety. Feel free to download it, host it on other blog sites, load copies onto USBs and give them away. Give copies to victims, pastors and therapists.


Revised Edition of ‘EYES WIDE OPEN’ by Fiona Barnett


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