FBI Tipline Flooded by Concerned Citizens Snitching on Neighbors and Co-Workers

August 28, 2019 in News by RBN

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2019

One of the unsung benefits of living in a post-trust country is that your friends and family are quite eager to report you to the secret police because they’re not quite sure whether you’re going to kill hundreds of people in the near future or not.

This is a rather unique problem that literally no society has ever had to deal with before. Ever. So you know, you’d think that we could stop and have a big think together and try to figure out what the problem is here. Instead, it feels like the whole country is on a collective bad acid trip and freaking out over terrifying hallucinations that are increasing in intensity.

People are losing their minds.


The number of calls to an FBI tip line designed to head off mass shootings and other attacks surged by 70% in the week after twin massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, federal officials said on Monday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation fielded more than 38,000 phone and online tips during the week after the shootings on the first weekend of August, up from the 22,000 tips it typically receives on a weekly basis. 

And they’re not just filing these away. A lot of these tips are being acted on now, when, presumably they weren’t before.

More than a half a dozen people have been arrested and charged across the United States in recent weeks as a result of tips, according to media and police.

Some of them we’ve already covered.

They have included an employee at a Wisconsin distribution center who called police after a coworker threatened to carry out a workplace shooting and an Alabama resident who alerted authorities after his friend, a Florida trucker, sent him messages about his plans for a shooting at a Memphis church.

In Michigan, a person told authorities that a former classmate threatened to shoot 200 police officers during a phone and text conversation, while a woman in Florida told police that her ex-boyfriend texted her about his plan to kill 100 people in a mass shooting, according to police.

The general public are definitely taking these more seriously,”said John Mina, the sheriff in Orange County, Florida and on the board of directors of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

This is the same sheriff that let that Moslem waste 50 homosexuals at the club in Florida. I don’t know why this sheriff didn’t lose the job given the fact that a Moslem terrorist from a Taliban family who was on multiple watch lists in his country did the deed on his watch… but there are several more pressing questions to ask.

First of all, I just do not know what I am supposed to make of this information. What are we supposed to take away from the story?

Death stalks the land.

Of course, the FBI would be the hero in all this, because if America is bursting at the seams with mass killers and people are not dying at a rate commensurate with that, then it’s only because of the intrepid efforts of the secret police bagging people in the night to keep us safe.

That appears to be the consensus that they’re trying to create here.