Fluorides: A Long Term Depopulation Program

July 8, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By Sidney Secular

July 6, 2024

I bet you didn’t know that fluorides are ingredients in insecticides and roach killers. Check the ingredients on the cans you use to spray critters with. The aerosols that escape into the air when you spray could also be killing you as well as the critters. It doesn’t matter that the amount of fluoride in the public water system is only one part fluoride per every million parts of water, the accumulation of fluoride will gradually have its effects because of the volume of water consumed over a long period of time is prodigious. Thus, little by little a multitude of long term chronic severe health problems develop. The reason given for the addition of fluoride is that it prevents tooth decay has never been proven scientifically. Looking at the massive amount of dental problems in the general population should generate some doubts in your mind as to its efficacy.

Massive amounts of fluoride wastes are generated in the production of aluminum products and in the production of phosphate fertilizers. Creative entrepreneurs figured there must be a way to make profits from this waste — thus, its use as a way to prevent tooth decay was conceived. The easiest and most insidious and simple way of distributing the fluoride on a massive scale is adding it to the water supply and toothpastes and mouthwashes. It’s addition to mouthwashes can cause serious health problems including discoloration of teeth, allergies, and irritation of tissues, and is not recommended at all for young children. Watering crops and gardens with tap water will cause the fluoride to be absorbed into the tissues of the plants and thereby get into your system. There is enough fluoride in toothpastes at 1,000 to 1,500 parts per million to kill a small child if he/she should consume a whole tube of it.

Before I delve further into the many more harms of fluoride, I want you to promise me you will consider buying one gallon jugs of distilled or spring water, or even what they call “drinking water”, to supply your everyday drinking and cooking needs for water. The current cost at my supermarket is only $1.19 per gallon jug of such water which is quite affordable. These types of water do not have fluoride and other harmful impurities in the water. Of course, if you really consume a lot of water or want to obtain it at a more inexpensive cost, you can check the many water distillation systems available which provide the most pure water possible. As a side note here, if a toothpaste or mouthwash does not specifically indicate that it contains no fluoride, you may assume the product contains it.

Here are some of the other harmful effects of fluoride consumption that are not well known. Fluoride in drinking water gradually weakens the immune system and causes allergic-like reactions such as dermatitis, eczema and hives. It causes birth defects and lung cancer. You inhale small amounts of it every time you shower. Fluoride actually causes gum damage at the concentrations used in fluoride toothpaste. I bet the devils who thought up the scheme to promote fluoride toothpastes must think they pulled the number one fast one of all time. Once the gums are weakened, the teeth that they are supposed to support start becoming diseased.

When it comes to causing disease, fluorides break up the bonds that are found in our DNA, destabilizing the DNA, and this inhibits the effectiveness of the immune system anywhere from 30% to 70%. The amount of fluoride in drinking water is sufficient to lower thyroid activity. Fluorides cause the breakdown of collagen which results in the wrinkling of the skin and the weakening of ligaments and muscles. They are starting to put fluoride in baby drinks, so check the list of ingredients to see if it is present therein.

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