Forbes Agrees HEMP PASTE (Cannabis) May Have Benefits Against COVID! 50% OFF SALE!

March 15, 2024 in News, RBN Updates by RBN Staff


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Forbes Says…

Cannabis (Hemp Paste) May Block COVID, SARS, and More..

As you might already know, Hemp Paste is the purest form of Cannabis. It is the entire cannabis plant whereas CBD is only 1 out of the 550 parts of the plant.

In 2014 the creator of Hemp Paste Brad Morehouse was the first to be published in the news for advocating the use of Cannabis to decrease or block a cytokine storm which is the main cause of mortality from SARS, Ebola, influenza, COVID, and future viruses which trigger an immune response.

The synergy of all the compounds in the Cannabis plant working together is key to decreasing the Cytokine Storm which is also the result of autoimmune disorders.

Mr. Morehouse would like to highly encourage people to keep on hand a jar or two of Hemp Paste in the event of the release/spread of any future viruses.

To help make it easier for those who are on a fixed income here is a 50% off coupon: CYTOKINE
This coupon is good for Hemp Paste jars only.
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