Four States Race To Stop ‘Great Taking’ of All Bank Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, Pensions Before Financial/Election Apocalypse

February 20, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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February 20, 2024

The good news is this “great taking” can be stopped at the state level. Americans don’t need to count on a divided Congress to get the job done. Because the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is state law, state lawmakers can take concrete steps to restore the property rights of their constituents and protect them in the event of a financial crisis – Ellen Brown, Diffusing the Derivatives Time Bomb: Some Proposed Solutions, Feb. 14, 2024.

Presently four relatively small states, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Delaware, are trying to stop the burning fuse of a financial bomb that could cause a legally provided raid on all stock, bond and bank account investments from its residents, businesses, and pension funds in their jurisdictions. This financial bomb is to confiscate assets for losses on purely unrelated speculative gambling bets in the Derivatives Market, not from any genuine risk hedging (as insurance) to protect those financial resources.Kratter, Matthew R.Best Price: $2.49Buy New $6.99(as of 05:30 UTC – Details)

No known movement is underway to stop this crime-of-all-crimes mainly by the renegade New York Reserve bank which was one of the main instigators of the COVID Pandemic and lockdowns. For example, of the twelve regional Federal Reserve banks, the New York Fed is running a $71 billion loss ($71,190 x 1,000,000 = $71,190,000,000) or 75% of all the accrued losses for just 2024 in all 12 fed reserve banks.  And the New York, Richmond and Chicago Fed Banks reflect 96% of all 2024 only deficits, not accrued past deficits (see “How to Recapitalize the Federal Reserve”, Alex J. Pollock and Paul J. Kupiec, Law and Liberty, Feb. 1, 2024.

By comparison only the Atlanta Fed Reserve Bank is effectively solvent, indicating that the losses are near system wide, but do not necessarily need to be so.  The Atlanta Fed encompasses Georgia (R), Florida (R), Tennessee (R), Louisiana (R), and Alabama (R).  On February 12, 2024, an Arizona senate committee advanced a bill to create gold bullion depository bank for gold-backed transactional currency within the state following the lead of Texas in 2017.

This future kleptocratic event has been called “The Great Taking” by David Webb a former New York hedge fund manager and apparent absconder living in the Netherlands, in a documentary by the same name he produced. Suspicion is that this plausible world transforming event for takeover of the world’s assets is what the COVID-epidemic and lockdowns were aimed to get us to submit to without opposition by getting us to voluntarily trust in COVID injections as virtue signaling for the common good.

A hedge is when, say, a farmer buys an investment position (based on price differentials) in the financial market that would cover any losses he might incur from bad weather, or unpredictable dropping market prices, that could wipe out the future profitability of his crop. Conversely, a false hedge or bet, called an “difference contract”, is made in the same hedge fund market but purely for gain or to recover against gambling losses (see Michael William, The Ponzi Class: Ponzi Economics, Globalization and Class Oppression in the 21st Century, 2015).  Financial assets in all other states are also subject to confiscation likely to be prior to the upcoming national election.

Speculation is that a large distraction (an EMP attack that shuts down the power grid for, say, a month or more, etc.,) will necessitate the invoking of martial law and will be created to lockdown the public while their assets are being hijacked (there is no national grid but six regional grids and 26 subregional grids). But grid control systems can be hacked, and satellite links and phone telecommunications and internet access to bank accounts blacked out.  This rumor has been implanted in the public mind by the predictive programming from the Obama-produced movie “Leaving the World Behind” to mentally prepare us for such an event.  The big picture is this is financial warfare and a fascist takeover, not purely a financial crisis as in 2008 when the Fed Reserve Banks started to run in the red.

Such a scenario is likely to occur to suspend the 2024 national elections and assure the continuance of the ongoing Middle East and Ukrainian Proxy Wars against the world banking BRIC’s contenders to the London-New York banking syndicate. Such an event could likely be orchestrated by the CIA, Mossad and M15 British intelligence networks working with the World Economic Forum. This is not conspiracy theory, as the perpetrators have been announcing this since 2016 (“you will own nothing and be happy under socialized totalitarianism”).Dzenitis, Tami BrehseBest Price: $6.48Buy New $10.08(as of 09:32 UTC – Details)

But financial journalist Ellen Brown has alerted the public that bottom line the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which provides for such a confiscatory takeover of assets, is ratified on a state-by-state basis, curiously something former hedge-fund manager David Webb did not tell us in his documentary.  Brown has signaled that any ensuing apocalypse from this backstage financial war and takeover does not necessarily have to be an across-the-board acquiescence by all states.

If such an event take place, those states that acquiesce would effectively transition to socialist states while the scofflaws would retain their financial independence. Together with Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska, and perhaps Delaware, this could be the unannounced symbolic Mason-Dixon Line of this financial uncivil war.  Those resisting states would end up something like the split-off Eastern half of Roman Empire.  But nobody in the acquiescing states would have an opportunity to vote for or against this socially engineered political transition. It all would be cloaked under the Zeitgeist of Pandemic and a power grid attack and bank rescue.

George Orwell used the term Double-Speak in his novel 1984. An example is the current term “Negative Yield” of the Fed Reserve Banks,  which describes a nation involved in continuous warfare and insidious financial warfare by a parasitic Ponzi Class.  And, oh yes, there is a real life bank incorporated as “The First National Orwell Bank” in Orwell, Vermont, a state known as a bastion of socialism and denigration of freedom by its 94% white elitist population.