Georgia town requires all residents to be gun owners to deter crime

March 7, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Grio | By Kia Morgan-Smith


In Kennesaw, Georgia, residents are technically required to own a gun because of a local law, according to CNN. 


The controversial law says, “every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm.”

The mayor, Derek Easterling, believes the measure will serve as a deterrent to criminals.

“If you’re going to commit a crime in Kennesaw and you’re the criminal—are you going to take a chance that that homeowner is a law-abiding citizen?”

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When the law was enacted in 1982, “It was meant to be kind of a crime deterrent,” said Lt. Craig Graydon. “It was also more or less a political statement because the city of Morton Grove, Illinois, passed a city ordinance banning handguns from their city limits.”

As the gun debate rages in Washington and legislators push for stricter gun laws, resident Wayne Arnold supports the law and was proud to share with CNN that he has an arsenal at home. Among the weapons he keeps at home are an AR-15-style .223 caliber rifle, a variety of handguns.

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“It gives me the ability to protect myself as opposed to being somewhere where you weren’t allowed to have a firearm or it was frowned upon,” said Arnold.

However, even though the law is on the books, it’s not being enforced.

Kennesaw, Georgia, reportedly has about 33,000 residents and has had only one murder in the last six years. 

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