Give them Notice; your law does not apply to me!

June 29, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

‘Today a real system of recognized historical government cannot function under the bankruptcy we are under currently sense the 1930’s.  That is why we are reality living under martial law rule behind our make believing D.C. Civil code system of the District of Columbia corporation instead of our American Republics States judicial common law system of justice for we the sovereign peoples of America. Read the 7th amendment.”

Source: Peter Neise

Daily One 6/27/2015 Saturday

“Do you have a voice and power of law to not follow the Supreme Courts or any legislative enactments that violate your state and national constitution?”

Thank you for your remarks and understanding, you are above the cut of our low educated D.C. U.S. voters.  If you understood our current system of occupation law or legislative occupied D.C. policies and the occupation foreign court venue of D.C. then you would not support with your ignorance our current political foreign D.C. corporate “System” supported by a private international territorial District of Columbia corporation called the United States Inc of D.C… Remember our original political system for the united States of America was not considered a statutory corporate system of laws, it was considered a non statutory corporate system completely controlled by we the people of  America grand juries. Read the 7th Amd.

        Like a coin, there is a face and a tail, you have been sold the fake face for the real tail of our existence and do not understand you have a choice. Yes, I said you have a choice. Most of what the government does is based on your voluntary compliance based on your ignorance and silence and signature of promise of the subject matter and the non derstanding of the many different types of foreign laws and proceedures we live under today.

        Our American Civil War was the effect of an elite English group of men/corporations, wealthy and powerful not allowing our-we the peoples experiments in self government to succeed; they wanting to control all of this worlds’ power and will; by using deceptions to transform your beliefs into their basic take over by design so they can control and maximize profits without other competitions. Its called complete control without the peoples reality of what has happened or how it happened, and us blaming it on shoulda, woulda, and coulda, instead of YOU and your ignorance by signature and unwillingness to learn and ask questions to destroy deception systems that would destroy our founding fathers system of a Republic of independent American states based on freedoms of the people to rule rather then the federal elite and foreign powerful who believe their view of the world is best for all rather then the hopes and dreams of the domestic sovereign people individual ideas of freedom and creativity.

        Well are you better off today “?” then your parents who were trying to live the American dream? My answer is NO, America has lost its ability to satisfy this dream because the people have been beaten down by martial law rule by a foreign D.C. corporation and moved into a deferent belief system by deception based on our lack of education.

        I have given you people plenty of examples in my prior writings, so I will not list them here, other then to say its before your face to choose change or to keep what you believe to be the truth by your deceptive leaders of the District of Columbia a foreign occupier of the united States of America allowed by your ignorance and your enemies the federal public school system.

        You are not taught the foreign policy law motives that the enemy uses to control your mind and actions based on their needs for control, it’s not your law based on your freedoms. So again when you say the pledge of allegiance remember that is history, not reality, for we live in a sadistic evil system called a fabricated martial law democracy and its power is the use of martial law rule of the elite rulers, not the people’s American common law of freedom for the American Republic under our article of confederation and the bill of rights based on the King James Bibles principal’s of Gods laws; not ignorant evil mans laws.

        Today a real system of recognized historical government cannot function under the bankruptcy we are under currently sense the 1930’s.  That is why we are reality living under martial law rule behind our make believing D.C. Civil code system of the District of Columbia corporation instead of our American Republics States judicial common law system of justice for we the sovereign peoples of America. Read the 7th amendment.

        As a sovereign you owned your property like the King did in England above the people he ruled over, so you owned it above the state (no license required or annual fees for a license) that is why your founding father show the right to bear arms in the article of confederation and the 1776 constitution for we the people to protect our unalienable property rights not the governments civil rights.  Also you were given your own form of legal system with your sheriffs that upheld our constitutional rights, where are these sheriffs today? They have been reduced by their ignorance of history to court officers serving summons only, not the real constitional officer of we the people rights. Who allowed this, YOU DID YOU DUMBSHIT BECAUSE YOU WERE LIED TO BY OUR POLITICIANS AND CHURCHE LEADERS AND BELIEVED THEIR DECEPTIONS OF THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT LAW IT IS YOU ARE LIVING UNDER TODAY.  SO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SEE THE REAL ENEMY DUMBSHIT. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE BELIEVE THE DEVIL WAS ALL ABOUT, DECEPTION AND LIES, LOOKING INTO THE MIRROR DO YOU NOW SEE HIS DECIPLE WHO IS IGNORANT AND UNABLE TO SELF EDUCATE HIMSELF BASED ON LACK OF WISDOM. JESUS SAID OUR PEOPLE DIE FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. So tell a friend and you both can share being stupid and share in the blame of what you have DONE, WE DO NOT HAVE PROPERTY RIGHTS YOU ONLY HAVE CORPORATE D.C. PRIVILAGE OF ONWERSHIP/POSSESSION.  All your property is under a trust by D.C. TRUSTEES, you do not own it AS A SOVEREIGN legally you only use it AS A SLAVE, I’m sorry, I started to talk about a rule of law and you’re too stupid to understand that. Please forgive me trying to give you wisdom so you can practice self rule. I’ll not try that again. You as a jury might find me guilty of self thought!

        You were given the truth, do nothing and deserve what you get! Do something and tell a friend, just maybe the two of you can figure it out!

        Now how do you change these DEMOCARCY ruling? Their system is based on you silence, so if you make a declaration or affidavit that you disagree with their rulings as they apply to you and your status of personalty, and you are a part of the American sovereign Grand jury system and this is your vote, then you have evidence that you did not go along with their law so written rebuttal of the law does not affect you, because you have to not say something or the law will apply to you.  So if you say something then the court does not have jurisdiction or venue over you. That is the way it should work, but their D.C. courts are business and need profit, so they will use martial law rule and martial law to apply their law unlawfully to you, even if you object. People we are at war with paper and rules not guns yet. So its up to you, if you want to own your car legally you better get off the DMV computer or department of Transportation computer; that you are the highest owner in law of your automobile and are not required to pay an annual fee for registration of something you legally own and use because you own both titles. Same with your kids, same with your house, same with everything, let get back to our old common law system of we the people and take responsibility for who we are and we are the law; not our D.C. corporate representatives that lie to us for a profit and power.

        So if you wish to take the change then send your affidavits or declarations as notice to your representatives and tell them they have 10 days to respond, no response then your notice stands as law; you are taking back your title to your own property and will no long pay a tax to use their assumed ownerships of your property because of ignorance of who really we are and the power we hold when a D.C. constructive fraud is committed against we the People for use of our own property. Now if you own your own property then you have the sovereign right to carry a fire arm to protect it because you are a live human being not a corporate entity fiction called a person; without ownership rights only corporate privileges of property use under D.C policy.

        Its up to you, lets see your papers of absolute ownership as the sovereign people and taking back control once again of your government under the peoples common law American rights because you are the sovereign. If you fail to take action then be it done, you are the enemy not the solution.