Guantanamo Bay – The Maxwell Update

January 19, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Monkey Werx


To hear the main stream media talk about this, one might think they were sitting in the prison cell directly across from her as they have WILD speculations about her and her accusers. Not so much about the atrocities she has committed against children; but more along the lines of her treatment and concerns about a fair trial. In addition to this, they are VERY concerned about whether or not she is naming names and their call for her to be released into the main populous of the prison. Now WHY would they want her mixed in with everyone else? Could it be they already have people on the inside who have been green-lighted to 187 her? Without a doubt. Could it be they are trying to confirm she is indeed at the NYC location? (I still speculate she is indeed NOT there).

If you don’t think she is singing like a canary; then allow me to sell you a great little high-end computer store front in downtown Portland that is guaranteed never to be looted. This lady is now in the fight for her life as her assets are surely being seized; and her little black book with all of the details has definitely be compromised.

Case in point, as you will see from the PACER system and court dockets, Ms. Maxwell and her legal team have submitted requests to have her moved into the general populous and to have the accusers names unsealed. Also note in docket entry 49 there are 3500 pages, exhibit lists as well as witness lists. There seems to be a sea of damning evidence mounted against her.

Why might one want to know the names of the accusers in advance? Clearly to help build a defense against them; but could there also be another reason that could compromise the safety of said accuser? I would say NOTHING is off the table for these people.


Note in docket 51 above that the requests were DENIED. Note also that Ms. Maxwell in docket number 54 is corresponding with the Judge via letter and not VTC and not in person. You may also note that SEALED documents are now being placed in a vault. That means neither Ms. Maxwell or her attorney’s are seeing this stuff as someone named is likely under protection and/or involved in another sealed indictment.


That takes me to the next and obvious question: What other cases might there be against Ms. Maxwell? Well, let’s take a look! There is a Giuffre v. Maxwell that was filed in July of 2020 and another United States v Maxwell filed September 9, 2020.


Then we have Farmer v Maxwell that was filed in late 2019 and a Jane Doe that was filed in January 2020 along with a Vernon in August of 2020. The last one is intriguing. We will look closer at that one now…


Latham v. The 1953 Trust. What is that you might ask? Well, upon researching it appears that Epstein (who didn’t kill himself) put all of his holdings in a Trust, called The 1953 Trust according to court papers – which was named after the year he was born. Someone named Latham is going for the gold. It also appears that our government is going after itself as they also filed in May of 2020 against the IRS. My guess is that assets are frozen and the IRS is the one holding them.


Back to The 1953 Trust. Take a look at the names… did Epstein go down with a grenade in his pocket and the pin in his hand? We see Harvey Weinstein, Kanye West, The Walt Disney Company, and several other rappers like Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter). Did Epstein inadvertently point us to some of the perps in his Trust? Could this be why Kanye dropped out of the race for president and why he is making statements about “know your masters” now? You know, there was speculation we had so many people running for president because it prevented them from be prosecuted. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Okay – that is the latest info on Ms. Maxwell. No doubt there will be more to come.

God Bless.

Monkey out.