Harmful Effects of Wearing a Mask

September 26, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: newswithviews.com

This seems to be a question being asked all over the world. We have seen the Asian population wearing masks for years. I interpreted it as a means of protecting from pollution. Today it is for protection from illness. To prevent contracting a disease, or giving one to others.

My son called me the other day on his way to school for the first day. Shawn lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where we both graduated from Union College. Union is a Seventh Day Adventist four-year college. Shawn currently works at College View Academy and teaches physical education as well as history and is in charge of the athletic program. We spoke earlier about the possibility of not being able to compete against other schools as they have in the past in sports.

My son has studied the current situation extensively as have I and we are in disagreement as to whether a mask should be worn or not. I suppose it could be said that one is in the camp of a masker, or anti-masker.

For those of you that do not know me, I have been at physician for nearly 40 years. I have written several articles at this time on COVID 19, and you may read them under my name at NewsWithViews.com From my research I determined not to wear gloves nor a mask and have not done so.

Shawn told me that his school has decided to go ahead and have students come to class, but it will be mandatory for them to wear a mask at all times.

There is still debate as to whether this current situation is being mediated by a virus or bacteria or 5G radiation or perhaps a combination of many things. No one seems to have all of the answers, but everyone is telling us what we have to do in order to obey.

If in fact this disease is caused by a virus, they are 1/10 of one micron in size. It is also reported that the smallest pore size of a mask is approximately 3 microns. This means that a virus would have absolutely no problem moving through a mask. It has been related that it would be the equivalency of using a chain-link fence to stop swarm of mosquitoes.

As in any situation, there are always those who sit on either side of the fence. We have many physicians and scientists that state you should wear a mask, and others who say that you should not. London Real, with Brian Rose hosted a show when well over 150 doctors participated and the question was asked of them, how many of you think we should not be wearing masks. Raise your hand. They did not take time to make an exact count but estimated approximately 70% to 80% of the doctors raised their hand. They then asked if they thought mask wearing does little to protect from infection. The number was still approximately 70% to 80%.