“Historically Black College/University” offers QB position to white kid (who ‘said n-word’)

January 26, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


Source: OutKick


Marcus Stokes has landed an offer from an HBCU to continue playing football in college.

Stokes, a four star QB recruit in the 2023 class, infamously had his offer and commitment to the Florida Gators pulled after he filmed himself saying the n-word while appearing to rap.

While it appeared Stokes’ chances of playing college football might be over after a mass movement to cancel him, Albany State University in Georgia is willing to welcome him with open arms.

He tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he’s “blessed” to ahve received an offer from the HBCU. The Rams are an NCAA DII program.

He also tweeted he’s going to “find my home” in response to a tweet about the offer and having a visit to the University of West Florida.

Marcus Stokes has a shot at changing the narrative.

When the video surfaced of Stokes dropping an n-bomb in his car, he immediately became public enemy number one on the internet.

Nobody seemed to stop and ask if canceling a kid was the best way to educate him. Was ruining his life really a fair punishment for a stupid mistake? A lot of people thought so. Grace, mercy and forgiveness appeared to be forgotten virtues.



In response to Florida pulling his offer, he explained, “I was in my car listening to rap music, rapping along to the words and posted a video of it on social media. I deeply apologize for the words in the song that I chose to say. It was hurtful and offensive to many people, and I regret that. I fully accept the consequences for my actions, and I respect the University of Florida’s decision to withdraw my scholarship offer to play football.”

Now, after a mass movement to cancel him, Albany State University and possibly UWF are taking a look at him to join their programs.

It goes to show that everyone deserves a second chance. As a four star recruit, if he lands on a DII roster, he could do some serious damage.

Marcus Stokes announces he has a scholarship offer from Albany State University. (Credit: Marcus Stokes Twitter)

When it comes to kids making very stupid mistakes, it’s always better to educate than to cancel. You don’t open people’s minds by shouting them down and trying to ruin their lives. You do it by talking and learning. That used to be the norm in America. It’s time to get back to that.