Hoo Boy: Biden Campaign Steps on Rake in Midst of Trump Attendance at Service for Slain NYPD Officer

March 29, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


Source: RedState.com

By Sister Toldjah


There’s “out of touch” and then there is Joe Biden-style out of touch, the latter of which is pretty epic when one considers the optics surrounding what’s been happening Thursday in New York City.

The wake for slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller was held on Long Island earlier, with former president and presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in attendance.

After the service, Trump gave brief remarks to the press, where he talked about the senselessness of Diller’s murder, about meeting his wife and infant son, and the need to restore law and order.

WATCH: Somber Trump Speaks Following Wake for Slain NYPD Officer – Emphasizes Need for Law and Order

The 31-year-old Diller, as RedState previously reported, was killed during a Queens traffic stop Monday, allegedly by career criminal Guy Rivera, 34. Rivera reportedly had 21 prior arrests (with nine of them being felonies) and allegedly also attempted to murder Diller’s partner, Sgt. Sasha Rosen, amid a struggle over the gun. Rosen ultimately returned fire against Rivera, sending him to the hospital.

In the aftermath of Diller’s murder, an understandably outraged New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association President Vincent Vallelong suggested city council members “who are vehemently and inexplicably against public safety” not bother coming to Diller’s funeral, which is scheduled for Saturday.

Asked Wednesday about Diller’s murder, the Biden White House, which to date has not put out a single formal statement about the tragic loss of Diller’s life, turned it into an argument for… gun control. Even more infuriatingly, it was also learned that on the day of Diller’s wake, Biden and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton would also be in NYC… for a celebrity-packed swanky fundraiser that includes an “interview” with late-night talk show host and Biden apologist Stephen Colbert:

And this will not just be any old fundraiser. This one will be for the big bucks:

In what will be his most high-profile fundraiser so far this election cycle, Biden will join Obama and Clinton for a high-dollar fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York, as the two former presidents enter a general election campaign that Biden has said will determine the future of democracy in America.

The three presidents will sit for a conversation with late-night host Stephen Colbert. Tickets for the fundraiser range from $225 to $500,000. Some of the highest-dollar guests will have their photographs taken with the three presidents by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

But if one didn’t think the optics could get worse for Joe Biden on this issue, think again.

In a rather stunning display of tone-deafness, the Biden campaign tweeted out the following doctored “calendar” graphic on Thursday afternoon… as Biden, Obama, and Clinton were all prepping for the big event and as Trump was honoring Diller’s service:

The graphic is saved here in case they delete it.

Can’t say Laken Riley’s name (correctly, anyway), can’t be bothered to make a public statement on the loss of Officer Diller’s life, but absolutely can be bothered to call in reinforcements including his former boss and Hollywood elitists.

As I said earlier, the Joe Biden version of “out of touch” is pretty epic, and he and his campaign deserve the bad publicity they get over this. Every bit of it.