How Will The Libs Suppress Knowledge of President Trump’s Defense?

January 24, 2020 in News by RBN Staff



By Je Suis Spike for RBN


Well, turn on the television tomorrow and we’ll all find out.  Here are some possibilities to consider.
Strategic and tactical interruption of salient defense team’s presentation to instead cover the new THREAT OF WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC (Wuhan-Woohoo Flu).  Seriously, for the liberal press, could there be better timing for this existential “threat?”  Maybe THE CHINESE are attempting to influence American elections with the help of the Democrat impeachment team?  (Just kidding, not suggesting conspiracy here, take a joke, lefty.)
Interruption of coverage for the three-hundred malcontent protesters who, (at that moment, or yesterday or whenever), were/are making their case for whatever it is, such as:
  • MINORITY RIGHTS:  Protected in the US better than anywhere on earth, (unless you’re a Christian baker or pizza maker), about which “we must do something” or President Trump will kill all “minorities” because he is literally Hitler,
  • CLIMATE CHANGE:  About which “we must do something” right now, or President Trump will kill us all,
  • BORDER PROTESTS:  About which the leftists demand complete openness of America’s borders and no prohibition on people from other lands crossing, or else how would we get great deadly diseases such as Wuhan Flu into America so easily?
The imagination is unlimited on the left because they believe they can legislate against anything and make it so.  I am certain they’re working on repealing gravity so that women will be able to jump as high as men.
Good luck to America, and may truth, justice and liberty prevail always.
(My tongue-in-cheek apologies to leftists for saying America in the same sentence as truth, justice and liberty.)
Je suis Spike