Hysterical Alex Jones Weeps & Prays For Bibi: “Globalists Clearly Trying To Overthrow Israel” & Arrest Netanyahu. ‘All You That Hate Jews’ Get Ready for Islamic Rule in the U.S.

January 3, 2017 in News by RBN


Source: LibertyFight.com | By Martin Hill

On his Monday January 2 show, Infowars Alex Jones went on an absolutely hysterical rant, weeping, praying for Bibi Netanyahu, saying that the ‘globalists’ want to destroy Israel, which will launch Armageddon, and hopes that ‘all you who hate Jews’ will be happy living under Islamic rule in the United States.

By the way, I hope you appreciate this clip and transcript. The person who alerted me to this did not know at what section of the program this was, so I actually had to wade through almost an hour of his show to find it. It was not easy. I cannot stand listening to him. I tried to offer it up. Thankfully I found it towards the end of the first hour. He is very hysterical and manic.

On another amusing note, I was getting a haircut on Christmas Eve day and two of the 20-something chubby, tattooed/pierced hair stylists girls started talking about Alex Jones and how much they love his show. I am not kidding. I had nothing to do with the conversation, I was only listening. I was shocked. I finally figured out who is Alex audience in 2017. I’m not saying these girls are bad people, it was just very interesting. I now understand who Alex’s target demographic market is, because I knew it sure as heck couldn’t be non-interventionist adults who have been studying this stuff for years.

Begin at 51:30

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Here Alex begins taking about the ZeroHedge article:

“Whether you love Netanyahu or hate Netanyahu, Israel has done things politically that aren’t anything compared to other people in the region.

Why are they held to a higher standards? That’s my only issue.

I try to be fair here. They’re surrounded by people that want to kill ’em! Who say they want to overthrow ’em! They’re supposed to have a one state, or a two state, open the borders up?!

To a bunch of people who have basically gone there just like Syria got invaded by a bunch of globalists in the last five years, a bunch of promises that it won’t be taken over? Those aren’t Syrian refugees coming into Europe. They’re people that got their butt kicked. Out of the country. Turkey admits that.

That’s why 80% of them are military-aged men who have fake Syrian passports. They’re Pakistani. They’re Muslims from India. They’re Muslims from all over the world.

From the United States. From England. But mainly from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, you name it.

[reads headline again] ‘Israel police enter Netanyahu home for questioning over corruption allegations.’

THE GLOBALISTS ARE MOVING. You don’t think Obama’d come out and have the UN vote, basically saying Israel’s illegitimate and now they say they’ve got that new resolution ready – that actual one saying that Israel’s illigitmate and that it should be overturned. The U.N.’s already voted on that before. Ladies and gentleman that’s what I said last week, I said if they kill Netanyahu or something you know world war three’s about to happen, well here it is.

[Slaps the article about cops going into Bibi’s house.]

“And I told you, they’re really thinking about arresting Trump. They’re really thinking about false- remember all these rape charges? And pedophile charges? There were always fake names that were never true, all got dropped, as soon as he, won?

Claiming Jerry Epstein connections when it was really the Clintons, and Hillary? See, everything they’re doing, they say we’re doing.

So now, this is zero hedge.

Israel police enter Netanyahu’s home for questioning over corruption allegations. Boy you talk about canary in the coal mine. The globalists wouldn’t move against Netanyahu, as wikileaks shows they’re planning to do, via Soros, if they weren’t planning to have people ready to imprison him or kill him, if he starts trying to spill the beans on stuff.

‘Cuz Netanyahu’s been involved in everything. Good, bad, ugly. You name it.

And if they move against Netanyahu, that means they’re moving against Trump. BET YOUR BOTTOM BUCK. WHOOOOH! I MEAN this is incredible!


This is getting crazy! This is so frickin’ out of control!

It’s time to pray! (starts to literally weep, puts his head in his hands.)

Our Heavenly Father, please help us, open our eyes. Please help us be good, we’re so sorry for all the abortions and all the evil in our name. Please protect the children. Please reprieve us if it’s in Your will. Please somehow stop the evil forces that are trying to stop this miracle that you’ve given us. Please help there be peace in the middle east. Please stop those who are trying to overthrow Israel and start world war three and bring about Armageddon. Please give us a reprieve like Nineveh, that we have time to wake people up and reach out to those that are still in darkness and deceived. Please in your name of your son, Jesus Christ, lead God, and direct us. Amen.

And I don’t do that for show, folks, I don’t even want to be here. I… I am so upset right now that my head is burning. I am sweating, even though it’s like 65 degrees in here. I am so pissed. And see, I shouldn’t be on air, I’m gonna start cussing. [Slams hand down on table.] Please God, give me the strength.THEY’RE GONNA START NUCLEAR WAR! THEY’RE PURE EVIL! THEY’RE COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!! AND they’re moving on every front, and regardless of what you think about Netanyahu or Trump, the globalists know they’re nationalists. There’s a nationalist allies organization forming from Japan to Israel to the United States to the U.K. to Russia. A lot of these groups are formerly enemies, but they understand the globalists don’t want prosperity.

And there’s a move worldwide to get back the prosperity. These governments don’t want to have people poor, on average. But it’s the globalist plan and people are sick of it!

Globalism is horrible for the average person!

It’s horrible for the average elite!

They don’t want to see people poor and thing falling apart.

KINGPINS!! Even corrupt kingpins wanna sit up on top, big powerful massive systems. They don’t want to see enslavement.

They don’t want to see the public losing everything. Even the most corrupt Roman emperors wanted prosperity. It was only the occasional psychopath that wanted to kill everybody and make everybody poor, and those people usually got their throats slit, or poisoned.

We have the worst type pf psychopaths that want us to be poor, that want us to be desperate, who get off on it. Really evil people in control.

And the whole worlds saying no.

And now Benjamin Netanyahu, they’re looking at arresting him, and throwing him in prison!!!And you know what that means?

The minute they take down Netanyahu, they’re going after Trump.

So hey, all of you that wanted to live under globalist Islamic rule?

All you that hate Jews?

You’re about to get a big juicy taste, if the globalists win, of what it’s gonna be like being under Saudi Arabia and communist China, politically calling the shots to the Democrats, who openly made deals to sell us out to them.

Oh..oh.. and then have weirdo Nazi collaborators like George Soros, who’s Jewish, sitting over it. So.. so.. YA KNOW get your anti-Semitism straight there, you’ve got this evil, doctor evil over here running this whole takeover here, who’s Jewish, and they’re about to get rid of the Jewish state!!! So, just enjoy yourselves!You got a taste right on up Jews in world war two, just is so delicious, little Soros, he just can’t stop!

And its all the wikileaks!

And you know what? The Jews haven’t done anything to stop him. Hell, half the Jews are liberals, love George Soros, so hey, just have WHATEVER YOU WANT, DUMB-ASSES!

THEY’RE CLEARLY TRYING TO overthrow Israel. They’re clearly trying to overthrow Trump!

Watch the video below. Some people have posted funny pictures to go along with this story. This might be the next infowars t-shirt:

Here is another one, from ‘The Ugly truth’ blog:

Watch the clip here, start at 51:30.

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