I PROPOSE A NEW VERB: ‘to klake’

June 24, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


I propose a new American-English verb:  to klāke   [Derived from the name Kari Lake, candidate for Governor in Arizona, 2022.]

DEFINITION:  To give back at least as good as one gets, particularly with honesty, yet with grace.


LITERARY EXAMPLE (past tense): A representative of CNN was klaked earlier today when her attempt at ambush journalism was turned away with a forthright, yet gentle, rebuke.


VIDEO EXAMPLE (a klaking): https://twitter.com/KariLake/status/1540060601631723520?s=20&t=Je-r13phPuKx1cV88jxQqQ



The klaking in the video example above is dealt by the eponymous Kari Lake; but use of this verb is not restricted to her.

First known use of klake: 23 June, 2022

It is easy to see why President Trump endorsed this highly competent woman.





(And with all of the impolitic manliness I can muster.. I mean quell.. hubba hubba.  Intelligence, education, tenacity, grace, and rather pretty, as well. The next Governor of Arizona.)