International Travel During Covid-19: The U.S. Is Finally Open to Travelers. Here’s What You Should Expect

November 10, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Bloomberg

The U.S. has finally reopened its borders to international travel, loosening entry restrictions for vaccinated people from more than 30 countries around the world.

The U.S.’s reopened border marks one of the biggest barriers to fall for international travel, especially for travelers from Europe who had largely been banned from entry. It may take time for travelers to return, however: Airline seat capacity to the U.S. from destinations tracked by Bloomberg is 34% less than the comparable week in 2019—only a slight improvement compared to prior weeks.

Below you can find information on Covid-19-related entry requirements for the U.S., as well as on the ground data for 11 American cities. The data is part of the Bloomberg Covid-19 Travel Tracker, which includes Covid-19 travel restrictions and public health rules for 70 global business and leisure destinations. It also records what’s changing each week as places tighten or loosen restrictions.

Rated by international travel rules, vaccination rates and local public health guidelines, Madrid is the most accessible of the places Bloomberg News rates. A total of 5 places remain closed off to outsiders entirely.

What Else Is New for Travelers

Based on the three criteria Bloomberg News rates cities on, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna and Paris are the most-accessible destinations overall. The least accessible are Moscow, Sydney, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Barcelona, Madrid and Vienna are the easiest-to-get-to destinations for most places. Beijing, Shanghai and Sydney are the most restricted destinations for travelers to enter.

In terms of local public health measures, Bangkok has moved from our least open cities to most open. Phuket and Sao Paulo have also moved to most open from moderately open cities. Amsterdam, however, dropped from most open to moderately open.

In Bangkok, restaurants, museums and performance venues are now fully open. In Sao Paulo, nightclubs and performance venues opened again, without limitations. In Amsterdam, masks are now required in public transportation while limitations have been imposed in visiting public spaces. Masks are now required in public transportation in Budapest as well.

For trips among the destinations included in this tracker, only the Dominican Republic, Egypt and Mexico have their incoming flight capacity exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Scheduled capacity to the Bahamas shrunk the least against the comparable week in 2019, while capacity to China shrunk the most.

In total, the Bloomberg Covid-19 Travel Tracker analyzes 4,694 travel combinations. So far, the world is taking it slow: only 53% of destinations can be considered more accessible, based on our overall ratings.

As the world changes, we’ll update the data — usually on Friday, and more often for major developments. To start exploring, pick an origin and destination below.

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