Israel Shooting to Cripple and Maim

January 3, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


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More on how the media controls the narrative of the Israel-Palestine issue:

I read a Christmas interview of an enthusiastic young Israeli Jew who claimed to be converted to Christianity.  He asserted that Christians should stand for peace, but they should not judge who is right or wrong in the Israel-Palestinian war, because he claimed, Jesus did not do so. He asserted that Jesus would not take sides. We should, he said, stand for the issue of peace as Jesus did, but we should not name a wrongdoer in the conflict.

“Israeli soldiers were not merely using excessive force, but were apparently acting on orders that all but ensured a bloody military response to the Palestinian demonstrations,” said Eric Goldstein, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, in a statement. “The result was foreseeable deaths and injuries of demonstrators on the other side of a border who posed no imminent threat to life,” he said.(NewsClick)

This neutral thinking sounds like the latest cover for Israel’s brutal occupation of the Palestinian people when all other excuses for its acts fail.  I understand why Israel would see to it that this “Christian” Jew’s view was published. The notion presented is that it’s okay to be a Christian and stand for peace, but that Jesus would not have taken sides about which party caused the conflict.  If we buy into this argument, we will watch witlessly while Israel bombs and assassinates hundreds, perhaps thousands of Gazans who have no means to fight back.

We, as followers of Jesus, must stand for right against wrong, and make reasonable judgments about the difference.  We think Jesus did.  We cannot prevent a wrong if we do not recognize who is responsible. God gave us a brain for this purpose. There is no way to chart a course of righteous action without making value judgments. Furthermore, Jesus clearly judged right from wrong, else he would not have been executed by the Romans, the occupying power of his day.  He was also condemned by the Rabbis.

Israel is supported by the US government and by Jewish power worldwide – – we are the Rome of today.  Some Palestinian people are Jesus’ historic, ethnic descendants and are the victims today.  Most Jews are not!  Some of these Arabs in Gaza follow Jesus.  Israel’s prescribed program of Christian ambivalence is promoted to hide cover for Israeli brutality.  Further, it is put forth as a mantle of inaction which we are supposed to wear because we are Christians. The Romans crucified Jesus because he was not neutral on questions of right and wrong, life and death!

It is not possible to determine right and wrong without making value judgments.  It is impossible to view a conflict without considering who is its victim, and who are the perpetrators. This is Israel’s latest attempt to hide its guilt as mass assassins and murderers. We must not lose sight of the question of what Jesus would do, were he in Gaza today.  We are going to look at evidence of what Israel is doing to cover up its mass crimes against the Palestinians.  I will then ask you to judge for yourself.

According to sources, snipers also injured around six journalists covering the massive march where tens of thousands of Palestinians demanded their right to return to their land occupied by Israel. Journalists were targeted despite wearing flak jackets marked with press identification. (NewsClick)

The Israeli government’s latest propaganda tactic appears to have started in December of 2018, to shoot Gazans with intent to maim, but not to kill.  Gaza is without hospitals ability to treat starving people, to say nothing of literally thousands of wounded. So wounding will often lead to death, and we do not even hear about these deaths.  The intent of this deliberate Israeli act is self-evident when you examine its results.

How do I know Israel’s military leaders’ intent?  The results prove the tactic!   I admit that I have not read any Israeli general’s order to his snipers to “shoot them from the genitals on down.”   But I know from the results, the order like thia is obvious.  Here is why:

Through November 2018, Israeli snipers shot to death over 200 unarmed Gaza demonstrators and wounded many more.  Israel’s press claims that the Palestinians were the aggressors, contending that they flew kites and balloons into Israeli territory with burning junk attached, in attempts to incinerate all Israel.  But the very fact that the Palestinians did launch kites and balloons simply proved that they were unarmed and had no practical means to defend themselves.

But in December, Israel’s tactics changed and wounding protesters became a tactic.  Again, how do we know?   Because the number killed dropped to a very few, and reports of woundings greatly increased.  We know from our own experiences that Israel’s snipers hit what they aim at, or they would not be snipers.  If they are hitting hips and knees it’s by intent.

I know this because I was an American sniper.  In my tour in the United States military, I kept myself occupied by shooting on the post rifle team in competition with other posts.  We were “snipers” shooting targets but were expected to hit what we aimed at, or we would soon be off the rifle team.  I was far from the best, but at 500 yards I could usually hit the target, which was about the size of a man’s chest.  And that was with a rifle with open iron sights, no optics.  I never had to shoot a human being, I am grateful to say!

I also know a little about bullets.  My US Army used then, and probably still uses solid brass, non-expanding, bullethead that made a small hole in a human going in, and a supposedly not much bigger exit hole.  Israelis are reliably reported to use expanding type bullet heads that make a gaping wound on exit, and virtually explode when they hit bone.

The Israelis are capable of wounding Palestinians with almost every shot from a distance of only 100 to 200 yards or less.  “Duck soup” for any shooter, especially one equipped with optical telescopic sights. If Israeli snipers hit a man’s knees or hips, it is because this is what they aimed for.  Israel has clearly adopted a policy of wounding and maiming so that the reports of hundreds of civilians murders will no longer get out to the media and be read worldwide.  Cripple and maim is Israel’s new tactic in Gaza!

 By this author: Live Film of Israel executing Gazans form Apache choppers in 2002: (min 25) 

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